#1 Reason to Use Direct Mail: It Works!

With numerous digital channels available to you for marketing your business today, why choose direct mail? Because direct mail works.

Response rates for direct mail outperform digital media, according to the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report. And a recent post in Direct Marketing News stated that 79% of consumers act on direct mail immediately, as compared with just 45% who respond immediately to email.

While more modern marketers are using a combination of channels for their campaigns, print is still among the top three. Direct mail gets results.

The ABC’s of Direct Mail
A direct mail campaign involves printed materials that are mailed to a list to promote a service, product, event or other specific offers. The three most common printed formats for direct mail are postcards, letters, and self-mailers. You probably see examples in your mailbox several times a week.

What makes a direct mail campaign successful is the strategy behind it. Choosing the right format, crafting the right message, selecting the right list, ensuring the right mailing method, setting up the right tracking tools, and determining the right timing for your direct mail campaign are the keys to its success.

Kessler Creative Is Your One-Stop Solution
Developing a winning direct mail strategy takes a lot of expertise – and Kessler Creative has it all right here under one roof. With Kessler Creative, you streamline your marketing projects and partner with just one provider. These proven strategies help improve your workflow, reduce costs, ease stress, and time-to-market.

Over time, you’ll need different creative products and services. Initially, you may need a logo and corporate stationery items. Maybe signage and banners. As your business grows, you’ll add newsletters, brochures, possibly letter campaigns, and maybe event materials.

Kessler Creative offers expertise in all of these areas – and more. We focus on your marketing strategy, not just individual products. That’s the difference.

Personal Attention & Expert Advice
You know how frustrating it is to want to make a purchase or order a service from a company – and they make you fill out a long, online form first, or they route your call through an automated system. No help, no conversation, no guidance.

We do the opposite. Kessler Creative is known for its personal service from the first time you contact us.

Your sales and service team will work with you to devise a marketing strategy. They’ll ask questions to learn what you’ve tried in the past, what worked and what didn’t, who your market is, and who your competition is. All of this information helps us develop an effective plan for your campaigns. We always listen and learn from you first, however. Why work with a service provider who doesn’t?

Let’s Start the Conversation Today
Pick up the phone and call us! We’ll talk about what you want to accomplish and help you determine what will be successful. It may be one medium (Direct mail? Email? Mobile?) or a combination of several of them.

We’re here to provide all you need for building your direct mail campaign strategy. As a full-service direct mail marketing company, we can give you expert advice. Together, we’ll craft a plan that gets you results.