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Direct Mail Self-Mailers

In this digital age where seemingly all messages are delivered via screens, direct mail is still incredibly effective at cutting through the clutter to build brands and connect with customers. In fact, email marketing and other digital advertising methods began as a novel alternative to traditional mailers. 

Consumers of every age respond more to physical mail than email, text, social media messages, or other common communication methods. While many direct mail options exist, including postcards, catalogs, and letters, self-mailers offer some compelling benefits that make them especially effective.

What Are Direct Mail Self-Mailers?

Direct mail self-mailers don’t have envelopes. Instead, they feature graphics and wording printed directly on heavy cardstock. The self-mailer may be bi-folded or tri-folded. Some are even made as a four-panel fold. 

The folds are held in place with glue spots or adhesive tabs. Depending on the client's specific needs, the mailer may have other features, such as perforations, holograms, or scratch-off surfaces. These details make the mailer even more intriguing to recipients.

Are There Other Self-Mailer Designs?

Self-mailers can also be made as small, multipage booklets. Generally, these are saddle-stitched for quick and inexpensive production. 

While some might include single-sheet mailers such as postcards in the category of self-mailers, most marketers reserve the term “self-mailer” for folded mailers to avoid confusion. 

Kessler Creative Creates Winning Direct Mail Self-Mailers

At Kessler Creative, we work closely with clients to develop personalized, successful direct marketing campaigns that achieve impressive results. Our long-term experience in developing direct mail campaigns has given us a track record of success that companies less experienced in direct mail can’t match. 

Why Use Direct Mail Self-Mailers?

When it comes to the benefits of sending direct mail self-mailers, the numbers don’t lie. Here are some statistics you should be aware of:

  • 42% of consumers open and read direct mail.
  • 72% of Gen Z consumers are excited to receive mail.
  • 75% of people will specifically remember receiving direct mail.

If you want to experience the incredible ROI and reach of direct mail self-mailers, contact Kessler Creative today.

Benefits of Self-Mailers

In addition to the advantages that direct mail offers over digital marketing, self-mailers, in particular, offer specific pluses that make them a compelling choice over letters, postcards, and other types of direct mail.

  • Deliver Effective Messaging

    Self-mailers don’t have unlimited space, and they need to compete for attention with other pieces of mail. That’s why they must be clear and easily understood at a glance. Using simple messaging and minimal content, self-mailers can cement calls to action in a recipient’s mind.

  • Eye-Catching and Attractive

    Since self-mailers rely on striking imagery to stand out from the rest of the mail, creativity in the design is actively encouraged and quite effective. Colorful graphics, attention-grabbing phrases, and fun messages allow self-mailers to catch a reader’s eye in a sea of white envelopes.

  • They Are Affordable

    Eliminating the need to manually insert mailers into envelopes not only saves on materials costs but also streamlines the process by reducing the number of required steps. All the important features appear directly on the self-mailer, including coupons or reply cards.

  • Effective for New or Existing Customers

    With self-mailers, it’s easy to tailor the content and call to action to any audience. For example, you can effectively target new users and expand your brand by advertising a grand opening, special offers, a new product, or expanded services. Or you can inform current customers of new benefits, entice them into a loyalty club, or announce changes to your services.

  • Work Well With Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns

    No marketing method exists in a vacuum. If you want to reach customers, you need to engage them from every vantage point available. To that end, self-mailers can be an effective addition to your omnichannel marketing efforts, with mailers that promote a new app or the ability to shop online, for example.

direct mail marketing reviews

I have utilized Kessler Creative for multiple projects across several industries and they always get the job done efficiently and affordably.

- Stephanie M. from Google

I have done many USPS mailers with Kessler Creative. Good people and a good product at a good price!

- Tim R. from Google

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Direct Mail Self-Mailers FAQs

How do self-mailers differ from traditional direct mail formats?

Self-mailers do not use envelopes. Instead, we print all applicable messaging and graphics directly on the mailer itself. That includes recipient and return addresses, calls to action, and advertised services or products. Self-mailers also offer different creative solutions by virtue of their direct printing on the exterior of the cardstock.

What customization options are available for self-mailers to align with my brand and target audience?

Personalization is key to winning new customers, and self-mailers allow marketers to tailor messages to target audiences by featuring consumers’ names and addressing their particular needs and interests. 

Also, self-mailers allow businesses to feature branding and messaging directly on the outside of the mailer itself, creating opportunities to cut through the clutter of other mail.

How can a self-mailer enhance the overall engagement and response rates of my direct mail marketing efforts?

You can use self-mailers to advertise special events, new products, and expanded services. You can also tie them into omnichannel marketing campaigns. For increased engagement, direct mailers can feature interactive elements, such as reply cards, coupons, exclusive QR codes, and limited-time offers. 

For example, the self-mailer could tie into a promotion, and only recipients of the mailer would have access to a special discount or event through a QR code printed on the mailer.

Is it possible to track and measure the effectiveness of self-mailers when generating leads or sales?

Yes. By measuring the response to the mailers and tracking how many recipients follow through on the call to action, a marketing professional can see exactly how effective the direct mail campaign is. They use this information to tailor future campaigns or modify their existing ones.

What are some factors I should consider when choosing a direct mail company for a self-mailer campaign?

With several options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right direct mail company. To make the decision easier, there are certain qualities you should look for in a direct mail partner:

  • Experience and expertise
  • Transparency in communication
  • Complete security of all data
  • Clear pricing
  • Responsive 24/7 customer service
  • Ability to personalize messaging
  • Low or no order minimums

Also, check reviews of any company you’re considering and look for criticism. You can rest assured that you’ll get quality results with a thorough analysis.