5 (More!!) Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website

5 Things That Make Your Website Great

Welcome to the third and final set of our “5 Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website” series! This blog follows up on both our first set of tips as well as our second set of tips that were developed in order to give you an idea of what exactly makes an effective company website. Having created professional websites for our clients, Kessler Creative knows just what it takes to make a great business website. Following these fifteen pointers ensures that your site will connect with visitors and drive them to do business with you!

11. Effective images and relevant video cannot be overlooked.

You’ve heard it before: pictures are worth a thousand words. Just slapping any images across your site can damage any chance you may have had at connecting with visitors. Effective, aesthetically-pleasing images that follow the scheme of your website are vital to your site’s ability to connect with people. While it may not be a good fit for every company website, video is another visual aspect that you should certainly think about including on your site. When properly executed, high-quality video can be a very effective tool for delivering information such as an in-depth look at your company and its message.

12. Make contacting your business simple.

Essentially every company website should include information that can be easily found in order to contact the business. Give visitors all of your relevant contact info: your company’s phone number, physical address, email address, social media outlets, etc. Even with all this information being provided, make sure you add a contact form to your website as well. This is an important aspect of any business website because contact forms make it that much easier for a person to get a message or request through to your business.

13. Ensure that your site is mobile-friendly.

Having a responsive, mobile-friendly site is an absolute must in this digital age. People are constantly using their smartphones as a way to access the internet. Having a website that looks appealing on a mobile device is a good sign for potential customers because it shows your business is advancing along with today’s technologies. A website that isn’t responsive will create confusion for smartphone users, making your company look unprofessional and outdated.

14. Think ahead.

Always keep in mind what the next step is for your site. Just because your site looks good and is about to go live does not mean that changes or additions won’t happen in the future. In fact, they should be happening in the future! Keep a library of relevant pictures that you can continue to add to, as those that didn’t make the first cut could end up being useful later on. Also, remember what pages didn’t make the first live version of your site because of issues with time, resources, etc. Adding pages and content to your site down the road will serve to increase the informational value that it holds.

15. Don’t be afraid to make changes as time goes on.

Your company site is now live! However, your website is not something that should be put up on a shelf and left there. A business website is never truly complete. Updating pictures and content should be something that is done periodically as the seasons change. Any outdated information should be replaced with new, relevant content that will keep your customers informed and coming back to your site. A website that is never updated gives off the feeling that your company doesn’t care enough, have enough resources, or have enough knowledge to do so. Don’t be afraid to make changes to your site!

Did you find this last entry in our series helpful? Check out parts one and two of our “Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website” series for more information! Need a professional to help you create your effective business website? The diverse strengths of Kessler Creative are here to take your business to the next level. Call us at 1.888.416.4098 or visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us today!