5 (More) Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website

Welcome to the second set of “5 Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website”! This blog follows up on our first set of tips that seek to give you a little insight into what makes an effective company website. Following these pointers will ensure that your site connects with visitors and drives them to do business with you!

6. Don’t make the design features too complicated.

“Less is more”. It is key to keep this saying in mind when building your company’s website. Trying to over-stuff your site with widgets, too many colors, and/or many different font types or sizes will actually detract from the impact your website has on visitors rather than making it stronger. Because your content (the informational text) is the main source of information delivery on your site, making text both easy to read in wording and appearance (colors/fonts) is something that should always be taken into account.

7. Help develop your site’s content.

Along with the readability of the content, the meat of the content is very important. Since you have specialized knowledge of your company, helping in the creation of your site’s content will make it feel much more authentic. Sitting down with your site’s content developer and having a little one-on-one time will allow them to pick your brain and inject that authenticity into your site’s content. At Kessler, we love to sit down with a client and learn up on any insider information/verbiage so the site sounds like its coming right from your mouth. After all, no one knows your company’s message more than you!

8. Make that content count.

People on the internet don’t want to be bogged down with block after block of text. The content of your website should be efficient! Concise information is appreciated by readers because they can learn everything they need to and move on without getting frustrated reading through lines of filler text. Making sure to tell customers exactly what you can do for them is vital. Tell potential clients what benefits you can provide to them specifically, rather than a laundry list of services. Including effective calls-to-action is another way to connect with visitors of your site. Want them to purchase something from your site? Looking for them to sign up for your new monthly newsletter? A strong call-to-action will show visitors you mean business.

9. Make it personal!

People connect with people. Adding a face to your website will make visitors feel more comfortable because they get the impression that they will be working with real people rather than just a faceless online entity. Having a photo of yourself or your staff is a great way to make your site more personal. Accompanying photos of people that work at your company with anecdotal content, i.e. your story (the why of your business), is another good way to connect with people because they can get a glimpse of where your company came from.

10. Be sure to include testimonials.

Credibility will forever be important to the success of a business. Adding customer testimonials is a great way to show that your business has the ability to deliver results to its customers. A company website with even just a few real, quality testimonials goes farther than you might think in displaying that your company is one that can be relied upon.

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