5 Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website

Ideas to Make Your Website Great

In this ever-advancing digital age, having a professional website for your business is essentially a must-have. The capability for both potential and existing clients to interact with your company on the web is an invaluable resource that, when done properly, is irreplaceable.

Kessler Creative’s capabilities encompass much more than our expertise as a full-service direct marketing company. With our abilities extending into the digital sphere, we have provided clients with great looking, professional business websites as well. Using our experience and knowledge of the digital environment, we have compiled some tips about building a great website for your company.

1. Define a goal for your website.

Knowing exactly why you are creating your website is essential to making the investment in its creation beneficial. If you want to create a website whose main focus is lead capture/generation, it must be built with enticing content, strong calls-to-action, and comprehensive contact information. If it is your goal to create a site that customers can log onto and buy your products from, it needs to be built with the necessary eCommerce components. Distinguishing your website’s primary function is vital to its creation.

2. Search for existing sites that you can glean from.

Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Browsing the web for sites that you want to imitate is a great strategy, especially in a situation where you’ve never had a website for your business. Take notes of elements you love in certain sites, such as image gallery set-ups or the way the content is written. On the flip side, remember which elements you saw that you really didn’t appreciate and wouldn’t want to appear on your company’s site.

3. Purchase your own web domain.

You should always choose to purchase a unique domain name for your website that is appropriate for your business. Make it something that is easy to remember and easily identifiable with your brand. Purchasing a domain name is far better than using a free one that some domain providers offer. For example, “kesslercreative.com” looks much better than “kesslercreative.wordpress.com”.

4. Be wary of DIY.

Doing-it-yourself in regards to creating a website for your business is something you should be very careful with. If you have the knowledge and technical experience with creating websites, go for it! However, if you’re trying to create your company’s first website on your own just so that you can save money, think twice. Working with a company like Kessler Creative will ensure that your site looks professional, functions correctly, and has all the capabilities to be altered in the future depending on your industry’s climate.

5. Formulate a page layout.

Deciding exactly how you want the navigation of your site to work is an integral part to the successful development of your business website. Going with a traditional layout that has a top menu which navigates to separate pages all linked together is a viable choice as long as you have enough content to populate each different page.

Another route to take is the infinite scroll layout, a modern-style layout that is becoming more and more popular. This layout is essentially one big page with each section adjoined together one below the other (hence the name “infinite scroll”). Working with a professional can serve to help you understand the pros and cons of each style and help you in making the decision of which layout style would function best for your website.

Did you find these tips helpful? Check out part two of our “Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website” series for more information! Need a professional to help you create your effective business website? The diverse strengths of Kessler Creative are here to take your business to the next level. Call us at 1.888.416.4098 or visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us today!