Tips for Marketing to Seniors

Did you know that senior citizens control more than 70% of disposable income in the United States? In other words, one-third of the nation controls two-thirds of the spending capital. To put it simply, seniors are buying!

“The senior segment of the 55-plus demographic is most likely to sit down and read your direct mail piece,” says Holly Amick, Director of Marketing at Kessler Creative.

The reality of senior marketing is enough to make you rethink your entire campaign. Senior citizens are dominating the shopping market and looking to try new things – like your company. What’s the best way to reach this highly lucrative market? Direct mail. Here are some tips to make your next campaign more senior friendly.

1. Remove Risk

Make your demographic feel secure with a money-back guarantee, free-trial period, or lifetime warranty. When you reassure the reader, you remove the risk. Let them try your service first and with time they’ll come to depend on it.

2. Don’t Call Them Names

What’s the fastest way to lose the interest of a senior citizen? By calling them a senior citizen. The over-50 group is easily turned off by “senior discounts” and products designed for “seniors.” The only title this group prefers is “grandparent.”

3. Establish a Relationship

In their entirety, this market values relationships and ties.  As a result, they will take the time to understand a product and those supplying it before they purchase. Personalize your pieces with variable data printing. For a low cost, each mailer can include their personal information so they feel more connected from the moment they see your marketing piece.

4. State the Facts

Keep in mind that you’re dealing with a “been there, done that,” age group. Focus on creating a straightforward, clear message that will grab their attention. Avoid too much technical jargon and focus on benefits of your service.

5. Ungroup the Generation

When putting together a marketing strategy for senior citizens, it’s important to take them out of a whole. To make the most of your campaign, target these three individual groups: leading-edge boomers (46-57) who still in their peak earning years; the gap generation (56-65) who are preparing for life/work changes; and those entering their retirement years (66 and up).

6.  Market more than price

Consumers 45 and up are not just about the lowest price. In fact, a study by the AARP found that those 45 and over are just as likely as younger consumers to experiment with or switch brands.

7. Keep it Easy

Seniors like simple and straight forward. Asking a senior to jump through hoops for a sale or making a promotion complicated is likely to turn them away. Instead keep your message and offer simple and to the point.

8.  Offer Personal Service

We know that seniors value relationships and another way to build their trust is to offer personal interaction rather than web-based communication. Offer a live person to help explain the products you are selling

At Kessler Creative, we want to assist you in reaching the senior citizens who need your products and services. Our direct mail and professional print company offers a myriad of direct marketing services to ensure you make the most of your marketing campaign.
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