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Personalize your mailers using variable data printing with VDP technology.

Direct mail is a great way to reach your customer base and enhance business. Customizing your mailers with information like the recipient’s full name and address is a great way to grab their attention and convert leads.

Flowmaster machine

Variable data printing with VDP technology allows us to create custom mailers that are unique to each individual you are hoping to reach. Beyond their names, we can add a personalized greeting or any other information from your database. Customizing each mailer to suit the needs of your audience can really boost the response rate on your direct mail campaign.

Add Anything for Anyone. Create a personalized greeting or add any other sort of custom text, chart, graphic or image. Whatever suits your needs for your audience can be easily added to the mail campaign with variable data printing.

Customization at Ultra-High Speed. Adding names and a personalized greeting isn’t going to slow down your direct mail campaign. At Kessler Creative, we offer automated mail matching with variable data envelope printing and specialized fold technology for the product you want at the speed you need.

An Intelligent Personalization Solution. Make your merged letters as personal and friendly as possible with personalized enclosure materials, inkjet logo printing and high-definition color imaging.  Customize salutations and embed your own signature at the bottom of each mailer to add an extra something special to each letter you send.

Enhance Interaction with Buck Slips and Statement Stuffers.  Communicate with your customers in the easiest and most cost-effective way possible. Use buck slips and statement stuffers to introduce new products and services, publicize an upcoming event, promote a call to action, or to notify your customers of any other important information.

Take advantage of these customizable resources to upsell and cross-promote products to your own customers. Talk with a marketing expert to assist you in making your next mail campaign more personalized and to increase your response rate.

Closeup of Flowmaster machine