The Value Propositions of Direct Mail

Direct mail is far from out of style! Creative designs and innovative technological engagement efforts have set direct mail as a powerful and response-driven strategy. Direct mail can generate response and deliver a higher ROI with a detailed plan and measurable goals in place. Let’s take a quick look at some of the value propositions of direct mail.

The Value Propositions


Direct mail is a powerful tool to support your company’s branding. The creative design of the piece reinforces the visual recognition of your brand. Additionally, conducting consistent mailings puts your brand in the consumer’s mind. Branding encompasses both the visual identity and the perceptions/reactions of your company. Use direct mail strategically to drive your mission, values and consistent messaging.

Loyalty & Retention

Direct mail can build customer loyalty and subsequent retention. Specific customers can be targeted with special offers or rewards on the mail piece encouraging them to become recurring customers. These types of offers can be strategically used to keep customers coming back for more.


With direct mail, you can access mailing lists that will help get your message in front of your ideal customers. Targeting allows you to get specific about the types of people you’ll want to promote to. By using “selects” (such as household income, age, interests, shopping behaviors, etc.), targeting allows you to reach those homes or businesses that may be the right fit for your product or service.


Direct mail’s integration capabilities are powerful marketing tools themselves. In an omni-channel marketing campaign, it is very important for customers to seamlessly move from channel to channel. With direct mail integration, response efforts can easily fit into this seamless customer journey.


Direct mail can employ many measurable engagement efforts. Technological advancements have increased the playing field for creative engagement past just including a website or phone number. There are tools that can help drive engagement and response such as Personalized URLs (PURLs), Quick Response Codes (QR Codes), Augmented Reality (AR), Near Field Communication (NFC) and Call Source Tracking. These tools can be embedded directly into the design of your mail piece.

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