Resurgence: Postcard Advertising



Marketer’s today place considerable emphasis on digital marketing initiatives and often, traditional yet proven methods become forgotten in the mix. This has had an interesting effect on some traditional acquisition channels. As an example, direct mail postcards are much more effective today than just a few years ago.

How you ask? In the fog of digital marketing and advertising, postcards have become a more personalized experience. As prospects sort through their daily USPS mail and physically hold your tangible message in their hands, advertisers are making a connection digital channels simply can’t provide.

This combined with the advancements of digital printing, unique paper stocks and attractive finishes, have business owners re-discovering the powerful results provided by direct mail postcards. Postcards provide a sales tool which is easy to buy, print and mail thanks to companies like Kessler Creative who offer full-service, turnkey postcard mailing abilities.

These affordable, printed mailpieces provide powerful results for millions of small and local businesses. Even big companies and major universities are using colorful and often over-sized postcards to advertise their products, services, offers and brands.

Time has revived the postcard and taken on new importance as a non-digital medium. Recipients today, are paying more attention to postcards and are responding to offers at notable rates. Compared to other channels, postcards offer a 100% open rate have a higher read-rate than other direct mail pieces because they’re easier to comprehend at a glance and there’s no envelope to open.

Here are some tips for getting the most from your postcard marketing efforts:

  1. Postcards should be attractive and catch your prospects attention. Always use high-quality photos, captivating images, graphics and bright, clean colors.
  2. Less is more. Short, bold headlines are most effective. Sell your value proposition first with as few words as possible. Don’t offer too much to read or require prospects to figure out “what’s in it for them”.
  3. Postcards are best for short messages and generating leads, not closing sales. Don’t try to explain everything and be sure to include multiple ways to contact you.
  4. Encourage quick action. Give customers an incentive to act now, perhaps a fast action bonus with a deadline.
  5. Postcards are great for delivering timely messages so think in opportune terms. For example, postcards can convey messages or offers with a deadline, or customer reminders, e.g.: “your service contract expires in 30 days”.
  6. There are two sides to every postcard, so make the most of them both. The non-address side should have the biggest, boldest photos and colors. Think of it as a billboard. The other side should carry your value proposition, contact information, incentive and other details.
  7. Think multi-faceted. Postcards can be used for many purposes, including reminders, gift certificates, coupons, new product announcements, openings, discounts and even as tickets.
  8. Postcards can convey a lot on information, especially over-sized mailers. However, remember to keep your message simple. It’s still a postcard, not a book.
  9. Use high-quality, full-color, glossy printing. These have the most impact. Improved industry technology with digital technology has brought costs down making top quality more affordable.
  10. Over-sized cards often 6” × 11” & larger, stand out in the mail and are a great choice. They also give you more space to include photos, coupons and even a map to your location.
  11. Plan and create a specific purpose for your campaign. Build value into your message and create a big idea to grab people’s attention. Once you bore your prospect, they’re gone.

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