Summer Marketing Ideas

Summer is finally here! Along with the warm temperatures, Summer also brings ways to creatively market to your clients and increase sales. Even if your business does not offer summer-themed products there are still ways to take advantage of these Summer months.

1. SMS Campaign

Summer is the perfect time to do an SMS (Text Messaging) campaign. Text message marketing is one of the fastest growing and most effective ways to reach out to your clients. Look for creative ways to contact your clients with Summer-themed promotions. If you own a restaurant you could offer a free dessert to beat the heat. Or maybe you have a salon and can offer a special to treat dry, frizzy hair. Think of ways that you can incorporate Summer into what you’re selling.

2. Direct Mail Campaigns 

Sometimes the Summer months mean a slow down for business. There may be a temptation to cut back on your direct mail marketing but in reality, the best thing you can do for your business when it is slow is promote yourself. What better way than with a direct mail campaign.  Here are a few ideas for Summer direct mail campaigns:

  • Promote a Summer Contest: Drive more traffic to your website or store by promoting a contest with an enticing prize. This will generate buzz and excitement and get people engaged with your business.
  • Advertise a Customer Appreciation Party or Cookout: A gathering is a great way to build relationships which in turn brings in more sales.
  • Summer-Themed Promotion: Like with an SMS Campaign, come up with creative way that you can incorporate what you are selling with the theme of Summer.

3. Get Involved in Summer Events

A great way to market yourself is to get involved in the community. It’s an effective way to get your name out there and make connections with people and other businesses. Look at what Summer events are going on in your city and figure out which ones would be beneficial for your business. You can pass out flyers, coupons, or perhaps have a booth to give a away free promotional products.

Don’t let Summer pass by without taking full advantage of what it has to offer. For more ideas, contact one of our marketing specialists today. 800-394-9393.