Omnichannel Digital Marketing & Advertising with Response Boost+

Is your current omnichannel marketing solution missing an important component? All too often, omnichannel focuses on digital and in-store experiences. This can be great, but there are other ways to connect with your target customers you won’t want to miss out on, like direct mail.

What if you could integrate your omnichannel marketing with your direct mail campaigns? You can do exactly that, thanks to our new platform, Response Boost+. Keep reading to learn more about this platform and how our digital marketing and advertising services can help your business to thrive.


What is Omnichannel Advertising?

Omnichannel advertising is a marketing strategy that is designed to provide customers with a seamless experience across every channel they might use to engage with your company. This includes digital channels like your website, app, eCommerce store, email, and social media. It also integrates in-store experiences.

The purpose of omnichannel marketing isn’t to simply reach customers on different channels. It’s to ensure that experiences and messaging remain consistent, no matter how a customer interacts with your brand.

Using omnichannel marketing, each channel is connected to create a better shopping experience overall. Customers are never confused or put off by contradictions in offers or inconsistencies in engagement.


Examples of Omnichannel Advertising

Imagine that a customer is shopping on your eCommerce website. They place an item in their shopping cart, but exit before making a purchase. Later, you send them an automated email to remind them of the abandoned item with a discount offer.

Because direct mailers can be integrated with digital channels, they can be used in omnichannel marketing, as well. For example, someone may receive a mailer inviting them to go to a website, download an app, and enter a code. By doing it, they’ll join a VIP loyalty program and get a discount.

Without omni channel marketing, there would be no communication or shared data between the various channels.

Imagine a customer who signs up for a rewards program online, but then has to spend time in-store giving the same information to a clerk who might not even be aware of the campaign. This lack of synergy could create points of friction that lead to customer frustration.


Why is Omnichannel Marketing Important?

Over the course of the buyer journey, customers may interact with your brand across a variety of channels, both online and off. If there is no connection or continuity from one point of interaction to the next, the customer’s experience overall will be left lacking.

When marketing integrates with every channel, the messaging, offers, and targets are more consistent and more effective.

Of course, your brand benefits, too! Omnichannel marketing allows you to use techniques such as ad retargeting, social media ads, SMS notifications, and email campaigns to keep your brand and products in front of customers.


How Does Direct Mail Work with Omnichannel Campaigns?

Customers who use this exciting new platform can connect their digital marketing assets to our direct mail pieces. They can attach a landing page, phone number, email, social media ad, or SMS to direct mail pieces to target an audience across a range of platforms. This can be used to create a seamless marketing experience across every channel.


Omnichannel Marketing and Data

Successful omnichannel digital marketing is based on data. Brands use data they collect from customers as they interact with them over various channels.

Response Boost⍖ automates the collection of that data, which you can easily access from a convenient dashboard. You’ll also be able to track the performance of your direct mail campaigns, exploring how your mailer is impacting customer engagement across various channels.

When data is collected and shared across multiple channels, it’s easier to find opportunities to impress customers, due to insights on customer attributes and behavior that only this kind of cross-channel data collection can bring.

All of this comes full circle when you are able to use the data you collect from one campaign to better segment and target your audience for your next direct mailer campaign.


Customize Your Omnichannel Marketing and Direct Mail Tracking

When it comes to omnichannel marketing, you may select as many or as few channels as you wish. This allows you to create a truly personalized experience with your brand.

For example, one of our valued clients opted to simply connect their direct mailer to SMS texting.

No matter how you tailor your strategy, one thing that does remain consistent is that your direct mailer will be the centerpiece.


Here are some of the ways in which Kessler Creative can turn a direct mail campaign into a full-fledged digital marketing effort.

Integrate Direct Mail with Email

Brands can send follow-up emails to customers that have previously received their direct mailers. Thanks to USPS tools such as Informed Visibility, marketing teams can now find out exactly when their mailers have arrived at each prospect’s address. This information can be used to trigger further marketing efforts via email.

Connect Direct Mail Postcards to Landing Pages

Kessler offers a variety of direct mail marketing services. When combined with our digital marketing and advertising services, those mailers can be directly connected to landing pages. This can be done by including a QR code that can be scanned to send the recipient to the relevant page. Likewise, recipients can simply type in the URL that’s included on the mailer.

This is another area in which we can use tools provided by the USPS to help create powerful omnichannel marketing campaigns that are centered around direct mailers.

An Informed Delivery campaign is a digital marketing campaign that is integrated with the postal service’s Informed Delivery Digest. Mail recipients that have signed up for Informed Delivery Digest are presented with mailers in digital form. Brands that have opted to create Informed Delivery campaigns can connect URLs or other CTAs to the digital versions of their mailers that customers see online.

Use Direct Mail to Create Social Media Engagement

Direct mailers can be used to create online engagement and increase conversions. However, digital channels can also be used to generate buzz about direct mailers, as well.

One approach is to simply include social media icons on your direct mail pieces.

For example, a targeted Facebook ad can be used to inform people within a specific zip code that they’ll soon be receiving a special offer in the mail. That ad can act as a teaser to increase the likelihood that recipients will engage with the mailer when they receive it.

Direct mail lists can also be used to target social media advertising.

We can even create direct mailers as part of interactive or experience-based digital marketing campaigns that involve social media platforms. For example, you can send a postcard with a coupon for a free product out to a targeted list of recipients, while also including a link to your social media platforms with a note encouraging them to follow your page and share their experiences.


The Benefits of Merging Digital and Direct Mail Efforts Under One Digital Agency

Because direct mail and digital marketing pair so well together, it makes sense to maximize your campaigns by using an experienced provider like Kessler Creative to design mailers, manage your direct mail campaigns, and even handle your printing.

When you work with Kessler Creative, you’ll know that your omnichannel campaign is fully integrated, and you’ll be able to use Response Boost to customize, track data, and refine your marketing efforts through an easy-to-use dashboard.


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