How to Create the Perfect Offer

When sending out a direct mail campaign, coming up with just the right offer can be tricky. You want to offer something significant so people will be attracted but at the same time not give away too much so that you end up losing money. There is also the aspect of being creative with your offer so that you will stand out among the competitors.  Whether you market online or through the mail it is important to always remember that your offer is one of the main reasons your prospects respond and that’s why it’s important to carefully plan your offer in order to make it as irresistible and lucrative as possible.

1. Your offer needs to be of value to your prospects.

An offer of too little value will not be worth your prospects time whereas an offer too great in value will either create skepticism or will be too costly for you to maintain. The value of your offer needs to optimize economic value for both you and your prospects. For this reason it is wise to test multiple offers to see which ones pull the most responses and which ones are the most profitable to your business.

2. Your offer needs to be easy to understand.

If your prospect cannot understand how to redeem or use your offer they are not going to respond. Your prospect needs to be able to know exactly what the offer is good for and how to take action on it. If you are offering a discounted coupon it should be clearly stated how much the coupon is worth and how to redeem its value. A good way to get your prospects to take action sooner is to put a time limit on your offer. Attaching a deadline for how long your offer is good for will create a sense of urgency and cause interested prospects to take immediate action rather than putting it off.

3. Your Offer needs to be believable.

One reason prospects do not respond is that they do not trust or believe in your offer. If you are offering ridiculously low prices and unheard of savings people are likely to be weary that some things are too good to be true. It helps to make a guarantee or promise on your offer. This is as easy as offering a money back guarantee. Offering some type of guarantee takes the risk away from your prospects and puts it on the company. This creates the sense that you are looking out for their best interest and that they are safe in doing business with you.