Changing the Direct Mail Game – Digital Direct Mail

Advertisers can now take their direct marketing programs to new levels with Digital Direct Mail. It’s no longer print vs. digital – it’s print and digital…

Digital Direct Mail is an exciting program which enables our advertisers to reach intended target audiences for immediate response. Combined with a traditional direct mail campaign, DDM can bolster response rates in some cases up to 6 times higher than the average rate by targeting household IP addresses! Target your audience offline and online.

The Multichannel Marketing Program Consists of:

  • A Direct Mail Campaign
  • A Matching Digital Direct Mail Campaign
  • A Landing Page for Capturing Future Clients

Once the direct mail campaign is deployed, the digital ads will begin running targeting your mailing list. The digital ads can appear on over 1,000,000 websites, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Facebook.

DDM ads may seem daunting, but they’ve proved to be successful. We recently worked with a national Medicare provider in an effort of increasing their number of enrollments within a specific regional national market. The challenge for the client was the market’s hyper-competitive space where prospects are constantly being targeted in every traditional marketing aspect possible. Where traditional channels have generated some results, there had been no clear way of proving the efficiency of these different channels. This is where our digital targeting and match-back analysis really excelled. Our client targeted the key market for a period of three-months, utilizing a direct mail campaign with a matching IP targeted digital component. The results of their overall campaign were very successful, showing an increase in sign-ups by 139%, with 90% of the total traffic ending up at the landing page.

While traditional marketing channels may seem more achievable, this multichannel marketing program allows you to target your audience members both online and offline. Avoid overcrowded traditional marketing channels and bring your direct marketing to the next level.

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