Audience Targeting

Let Kessler Creative use our expertise and resources to help you build the perfect audience for all your marketing purpose.



Kessler Creative has an assortment of tools to help track the performance of your marketing pieces. From online to postcards, Kessler has the analytic tools to give you real-time, hands-on data for business making decisions.


Data Lists

Whether you have your own list, need a list, or want a clean list, Kessler Creative can help you get the list you need for optimal marketing performance. We use a variety of tools like CASS or NCOA lists to make sure that not only compliance is being maintained, but your lists are performing like you want them.

Audience Targeting Marketing in Jacksonville

Big Data is driving business decisions and results. At Kessler, we know that data is one of the key components of the success our customers have when they choose Kessler.

Why Kessler's Data is Preferred

Kessler uses multiple databases and other sources to make sure that our customers have the best data for their business needs. Kessler also takes the stress off of our customers by making sure that our data management is always in compliance with government regulations. Our customers can rest assured that Kessler Creative is dedicated to making sure that our customers have the best data to use in our multi channel marketing programs. Whether it is your data or need to use one of Kessler's data programs are customer focused for increased business performance.

  • Targeted Lists, Better Conversions

    By using Kessler's data services, our customers find that they are getting in front of people that will use their services without casting a larger, more costly net.

  • Less Money Spent for Better Results

    This targeted data approach assures that our customers are using a focused spending approach to maximize every dollar they invest in Kessler Creative offerings.

  • Analytics for Informed Decision Making

    By providing reports and other analytics, Kessler can provide our customers with real time decision making capabilities.