Creating Powerful Direct Mail Campaigns

The purpose of a direct mail campaign is to transform recipients of your campaign into purchasers of your product or service. Working with an experienced direct mail company to develop an effective mailer is essential to your campaign’s success. However, understanding just how to create an effective mail piece is just as important in the conversion of viewers of your mail piece into buyers. Knowing the essentials will help you understand what makes an effective direct mail piece and assist you in analyzing what your direct mail company creates for your campaign.

Your direct mail message must be delivered to the correct audience.

The recipients of your direct mail campaign are the factor which determines the success of the campaign. The ability to convert them from just viewers into buyers is key in achieving campaign success and that will not happen if you’re mailing to the wrong audience. The ability to determine your target market and relay that to your mailing company is one of the essentials in creating an accurate mailing list for your campaign.

Grab their interest right away.

Using a direct mail piece, which intrigues recipients by its appearance is something you should always strive to create with your mailing company. Having an attractive mailer with a strong headline which delivers your message in a concise fashion is a priority. Combining effective direct mail copy with images that showcase what your product or service is all about will grab and hold your viewer’s attention.

Answer the two why’s. 

The first why is “Why should I choose you?” Once someone who’s viewing your mailer is interested in what you’re offering, the next step is letting them know why you’re their best option. Using concise writing to relay what separates you from other potential options your viewer may be considering is essential. Credibility is huge when it comes to giving yourself a leg up on your competitors. Using testimonials or awards will show you’re a credible and reliable company who can offer benefits they cannot find elsewhere.

The second why is “Why now?” One of the biggest factors in a direct mail campaign’s success, like much in life, is timing. Incorporating time-based promotions based on your target audience is a great tactic. Creating a call-to-action in combination with a promotion which drives viewers to act right away is a very effective strategy to use when creating a successful mailer.

Use your mailer to showcase your business.

Direct mail advertising is an extension of your company image and its brand. When your mail piece is seen, the perception people have of your business could be perceived as positive or negative. Do all you can to ensure a positive impression with your mail piece. All aspects of your mailer should be of the highest production value to show viewers superior quality is important to your company and your brand does not cut corners. The quality of printing, the weight of the card stock, (in the case of a postcard), the visual appeal of the graphic design, the strength of the written copy, even the placement of your logo and contact information, should be all taken into consideration.

Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.

Recipients may not be ready to become buyers right now or even in the next two-weeks. This doesn’t mean they won’t be ready to make the conversion in the next-month or several weeks. Repeat mailing is essential because timing is a huge factor in the decision-making process of purchasers. Repeat exposure to what your company can provide keeps your brand top of your prospect’s mind. This ensures that when they do become ready to purchase, you are who they think of first.

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