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Conquering the World of Digital Oversaturation

When the World Wide Web released in the 1990’s, the entire world and how its businesses operated significantly changed. The internet created new industries and revolutionized existing ones. This new digital realm brought an endless new audience to the fingertips of business and leisure, and these businesses knew that they needed to create and maintain an online presence to compete in their respective markets. As new operating systems and applications came about over the years, people everywhere started to take advantage of the potential reach the internet offered.

Today, there are endless amounts of blogs, podcasts, emails, articles, videos, photos, and journals among other digital content posted every day. Companies and entrepreneurs alike are forced to consistently publish updated content to garner any attention from search engine algorithms that are regularly updated. This has led to what is known as “digital oversaturation” of content. So how do businesses navigate this overpopulated ocean known as digital? Let us start by explaining the problem.

Presence of Digital Fatigue

With the influx of digital content, more people started to spend a large chunk of their day on the internet. According to Statista, the average time in minutes spent with digital media in the United States per day in 2021 was 477, with growth expected for 2022 at 482 minutes spent online per person. That is almost eight full hours that any one person spends on the internet each day on average. This has led to people seeing up to 10,000 ads per day. But how many do you remember? If your answer was something like “not many,” you are not alone. Because of the influx of ads and digital content, digital surfers everywhere are becoming increasingly less attentive to ads, and this has caused responsiveness to decline. Marketers everywhere find it more difficult each day to stay in front of their target audiences and have their attention.

Now that we have addressed the problem at hand, let us point out some helpful tips to accumulate higher response rates and stockpile your target audience efficiently.

Overcoming Oversaturation

  • Integrated Marketing Communications

When your marketing messaging stays consistent across multiple channels, you strengthen your brand image in the eyes of search engines and individuals who see your messages. It is much easier to remember what someone said when it is repeated multiple times. This also builds trust with consumers which is one of the most important attributes of popular companies that remain that way.

  • Traditional Marketing Methods

The technological world we live in is filled with countless digital ads, but this is not the only avenue of distributing content. Traditional methods such as direct mail and print are shown to still be highly effective, even in today’s digital age. While it is easier to quickly reach a large audience online, traditional marketing with physical pieces that can be touched builds more trust with consumers and equates a company with dependability that a digital ad has a harder time satisfying. Consumers rely upon relationships with brands, and traditional methods of marketing build these more effectively than digital ads alone.

  • Track Your Results

Any marketing effort should be tracked to identify effectiveness. The first step is to set marketing objectives that are S.M.A.R.T or specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound to determine what your company views as a successful campaign. Site visits, content shares, product purchases, and exclusive offer sign-ups are all indicators of responsiveness to a marketing campaign. To the same effect, increased bounce rates, unopened emails, minuscule purchases, and decreases in likes and shares will show that your approach needs to be tweaked.

Partner with Kessler Creative

Now that the problem is understood, and some solutions have been presented, it is time to jump at the opportunity to conquer your oversaturated market! Kessler Creative houses a whole team of dedicated experts in marketing including direct mail and print with the ability to incorporate digital components such as email blasts, IP targeting, landing pages, and informed delivery to optimize any campaign. If you feel that you are not getting the return you should be on your marketing efforts, our team is a few clicks away with all the knowledge and expertise to establish a lasting impression on your target audience.