The Value Propositions of Direct Mail

Direct mail is far from out of style! Creative designs and innovative technological engagement efforts have set direct mail as a powerful and response-driven strategy. Direct mail generates responses and delivers a higher ROI with a detailed plan and measurable goals in place. Let’s take a quick look at some of the true value propositions direct mail offers. The Value Propositions Branding Direct mail is a powerful tool to support […]

A Story of Entrepreneurial Growth

In 2007, Dina and Keith Kessler purchased a design and print agency with 10 employees and a modest printing operation. This purchase benchmarked the beginning of Kessler Creative. Today, their company has grown to more than 60 employees, serves thousands of customers throughout the United States and has recently been recognized by Florida Governor; Rick Scott as one of the top marketing companies in the state. Just as the printing […]

Sales and Marketing Tips for Startups

Marketing done right can be an incredible advantage for the development of your company’s new business. Done wrong, however, it can seem as if you’re simply throwing money away. Small business owners must be all things to all parts of their business. While it can be difficult to master all areas of running a business, if you’re not a natural salesperson, it can be even more difficult. The following marketing […]

Changing the Direct Mail Game – Digital Direct Mail

Advertisers can now take their direct marketing programs to new levels with Digital Direct Mail. It’s no longer print vs. digital – it’s print and digital… Digital Direct Mail is an exciting program which enables our advertisers to reach intended target audiences for immediate response. Combined with a traditional direct mail campaign, DDM can bolster response rates in some cases up to 6 times higher than the average rate by targeting household […]

Low Cost – High Impact Small Business Marketing

When it comes to making a strong impact, postcard marketing remains one of the most reliable and versatile ways to advertise your business’s products or services. Cost vs. Results Looking at the field of marketing channels available for today’s small businesses, postcards can be a hidden gem when it comes to a cost vs. results proposition. Most successful businesses whether retail, service-oriented or startup are quick to utilize postcards based […]

They’re Coming: Are You Ready for Psychographics?

Written by: Heidi Tolliver-Walker – Published: August 15, 2018 Re-posted with permission: USPS Library’s Business Trends & Insights Digest Just when printers and MSPs are becoming more comfortable with more detailed demographic targeting, the use of psychographic targeting is growing. Are you ready? Here are two television ads. How do they make you feel? [Video of a young boy riding a knobby tired bike on the neighborhood sidewalk] “Remember your first bike?” [Cut to […]

Resurgence: Postcard Advertising

    Marketer’s today place considerable emphasis on digital marketing initiatives and often, traditional yet proven methods become forgotten in the mix. This has had an interesting effect on some traditional acquisition channels. As an example, direct mail postcards are much more effective today than just a few years ago. How you ask? In the fog of digital marketing and advertising, postcards have become a more personalized experience. As prospects […]

Kessler Creative is Proud to Support HopeNow

  More than 9,500 children crowded into the Amway Center Concourse on Sunday, July 29th, for Central Florida’s biggest back-to-school event. Many of Orange County’s school-aged children live in poverty and the HopeNow Foundation annual event is a great opportunity for all kids to feel good about themselves on the first day of school. Much like Christmas, children who attend the annual school-supply drive can make a lap through the […]

Kessler Creative Recognized with Nine Florida Print Awards

On the evening of Saturday, July 20, the Printing Association of Florida (PAF), hosted the 31st Annual Florida Print Awards program.  Executives from more than 100-member companies attended to celebrate the best in Florida print media and printing services during the annually-held program which was held at the Wyndham Grand Resort Bonnet Creek, Orlando, Florida. This annual competition recognizes individuals, companies and organizations responsible for the creation or production of […]

Marketing Tips for Political Campaigning

  Is your team building a winning political campaign for the 2018 Mid-Term Elections? Let’s look at several tips for building a strong campaign strategy for your candidate. Do Your Research: Provide adequate time and research to understand the playing field on which your campaign is figuratively walking. Who are your competitors and how will they campaign against you? What’s the worst thing the media can dig up and promote […]