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#Breakthebias, a Kessler Story

At Kessler Creative, we are committed to promoting inclusion in the workplace and advocating for women’s rights. While one day is not enough to celebrate women and their achievements, we observe International Women’s Day each year to remind ourselves of how far women have come, and what else needs to be done to achieve greater gender equality.

This year, we’re celebrating women who #breakthebias and challenge the status quo by highlighting influential women at Kessler Creative: President, Dina Kessler, Art Director, Kim Collier, Data Prepress Specialist, Nicole Worzel, and Operations Manager Dee Emery. We received inspiring answers when asking our women leadership a few questions about #breakingthebias. Including their views on the empowerment of women currently and in the future, how Kessler Creative has empowered women, and what advice young women need to succeed.

Dina, our president, is a true leader and inspiration for all women. She describes her views on the empowerment of women now and in the future as needing “to help women see their value individually and help them realize their potential.” Nicole adds by saying, “women can do anything they set their mind to, whether or not it’s in a male-dominated industry.” Dee, as the true team player she is, says “we have to encourage women to empower one another, rather than compete… seeing women lead companies, industries, and still lead their families, is the best way we can help the younger generation learn to empower one another.”

Kessler Creative strives to provide an inclusive workplace for all its employees while developing leadership in everyone. This is especially true when speaking of how Kessler has empowered women within the company. Nicole has been with the company for 3 years and states, “everyone here is given an initial opportunity… those who become leaders have exceeded expectations.” Dee finds inspiration in Dina by saying, “Dina is the mentor we all need in the workplace… to see her lead with such determination and integrity, shows all team members what we’re capable of.” Dina takes pride in how her company empowers women by saying, “we believe in helping women to become successful in their careers and take special interest in helping them grow as leaders.” We even have regular weekly leadership training for the entire leadership team which started this year!

Since our women leadership has grown to be as strong as any, they all have useful advice to give to young women seeking success in any career. Dina wants all women to know these 3 points of advice: “don’t sell yourself short, be confident in your ability, and be willing to invest in yourself by constantly learning your craft and more about your industry.” Nicole’s word of advice is, “don’t let anything or anyone stand in your way.” Dee chimes in with one final word of advice for all to follow, that is, “don’t be afraid to be your own advocate!”

Women have relentlessly worked to #breakthebias for over a century, and the women here at Kessler Creative embody every bit of that phrase each day!

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