Vehicle Wraps in Jacksonville, FL

Did you know that vehicle wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your business? Whether you are a small, medium, or large business vehicle wraps are a great way to provide brand awareness in your local market. Every day there are over 500,000 drivers in the Jacksonville metro area, which includes (Jacksonville, St Augustine, Fernandina Beach, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra Beach, Palatka, Middleburg, & Green Cove Springs). With the typical commute averaging 26.1 minutes.

As Jacksonville’s population continues to grow, people will be spending more time in their vehicles. There is no better captive audience than someone stuck in traffic staring at your car or truck wrap. At Kessler Creative we have the equipment and expertise to assist you in creating the right vehicle wrap for your business. Whether you are a new business who needs a single vehicle wrapped or a large commercial business who needs a fleet of vehicles wrapped we can handle any size job.

Learn some of the benefits of vehicle wraps:
• Vehicle wraps have the lowest Cost Per Thousand Impression (CPM), then any other form of outdoor advertising.
• The average vinyl vehicle wrap will receive 25,000-50,000 daily impressions.
• Commercial Vehicle Wraps will increase Top of The Mind Awareness (TOMA) by 15-fold.
• People who see vehicle wraps have a 98% recall rate on that business.

As different forms of advertising continue to evolve and fragment the local market. There is one thing that will not change in the foreseeable future; people will continue to drive to get to their destinations. As a small to medium size business, you may be looking for cost-effective ways to compete in the local market. Vehicle wraps are a great cost effective and proven method to drive brand awareness and leads to your business. If you would like a free consultation on vehicle wraps, and how Kessler Creative can assist you with your project contact us today at (888) 416-4098.

Important Questions To Ask Your Vehicle Wrap Company

Prior to hiring a local vehicle wrap company, make sure to do your homework. Often times companies advertise themselves as vehicle wrap experts, but they produce sub-par products to their customers. Below we have listed a few questions that will assist you in your decision-making process.

  1. Do you use top brand name vinyl?
    Be sure to ask your vehicle wrap provider if they are using brand name vinyl or private label vinyl. Large brand names like 3M and Avery Dennison invest in developing top of the line products, testing their products, and guaranteeing the product’s performance. With private label or off-brand vinyl, you may save money, but it is impossible to guarantee the quality, consistency or long-term performance of the product. With private label or economy brands there can be variation in quality from roll to roll, so knowing it worked well before is no guarantee that it will hold up well again. Make sure your vehicle is being wrapped with reputable name brand vinyl.
  2. Is it true I can change my car’s color with a wrap rather than getting a paint job?
    It is true! Color change wraps are very popular in the industry and achieve the same results as your standard paint job. Just make sure that your current paint job is in decent shape before considering applying a color change wrap.
  3. Is your vinyl specifically formulated for vehicle wraps?
    For most people, vinyl products all look alike. But they are not at all alike. Some vinyl products like cast vinyl can be formulated and produced to comply and fit any shape or curve with the application of some heat. Other vinyl such as calendared vinyl or sign vinyl are specifically designed for flat surfaces. Sign vinyl is less expensive and a perfect choice for traditional flat signs, trailers, and walls they will not hold up well on curved or convex surfaces. Cast vinyl products are formulated to comply with and adhere to complex curves and hold their shape over time. The big brand name manufacturers produce both types of vinyl products, so be sure to ask, not just about the brand name but also that the vinyl is a cast vinyl designed for vehicles or other curved surfaces.
  4. Do you laminate your printed wraps and graphics?
    Confirm that your printed vinyl graphics will be laminated before being applied to your vehicle. This is another area where wrap companies can try to save money – but you will pay the price. Laminating the graphics will protect the appearance and quality of your vehicle wrap in two ways. First, the laminates have built-in UV protection that will prevent your vehicle wrap from fading. You want to present a quality image of your brand, and a faded vehicle wrap sends the wrong message about your business and brand. Secondly, the inks for digitally printed graphics are durable but can be scratched or abraded if not protected. A cast laminate will provide protection for your graphics, so they keep your vehicle looking new and sharp.
  5. How much experience do you have wrapping vehicles?
    When it comes to applying materials to brand new cars, trucks or boats, wrapping is a hands-on skill. Vehicle wrap specialists develop a distinctive sense for handling the materials and understanding how the materials perform. They have an intense attention to detail and take pride in their finished product. They treat your vehicle with care, recognizing that commercial vehicles are a valuable asset for your business and leased vehicles need to be returned in top condition. Don’t hesitate to ask to meet the person who will be wrapping your vehicle and make sure your questions are answered.
  6. Can I see the wrap design before I pay you?
    Always know what you’re buying and ask to be a part of the process. We usually ask for a 50% deposit on all orders, but if you want to see the computer work before committing to the project, we gladly accept $500 and then produce the wrap after the remainder of the deposit is paid.

Don’t Waste Your Money On The Wrong Design

When hiring a Jacksonville truck wrap or car wrap company you want to make sure they are experienced in creating effective graphic design artwork that is both appealing and has the right messaging.

• You have about 3 seconds to capture someone’s attention. You want to appropriately display your logo, name, URL, phone and what you do.
• You need creative elements and the right color combinations to capture people’s attention.
• You need an experienced vehicle wrap company to create the right design. Vehicle Wrap design is one of the most difficult to properly create and display on a 3-dimensional surface.

Don’t hire the wrong company to create and install your vehicle wrap. Contact the professionals at Kessler Creative today for your next vehicle wrap project. We have some of the most talented graphic artists and will work with you to create a wrap that is customized to your vision. Contact us now at (888) 416-4098.

Kessler Creative provides turnkey wrap solutions for the following:
• Car/Auto Wraps
• SUV Wraps
• Truck Wraps
• Van Wraps
• Bus Wraps
• Fleet Graphics
• Shuttle Bus Wraps
• Semi-Trailer Wraps
• Boat Graphics/Wraps
• And much more…

If you have any questions or need further assistance in designing and creating a vehicle wrap, contact Kessler Creative today at (888) 416-4098. One of our certified vehicle wrap specialists is available to answer all of your questions or concerns regarding your upcoming project.