USPS Announces 75th Postmaster General

USPS announces the next Postmaster General!  I am excited to hear the Board of Governors has selected the 75th PMG, Louis DeJoy.   It has been quite the process since last year when the current PMG, Megan Brennan, announced her retirement and the decision was made to search outside of the USPS team for the next PMG/CEO of the postal service.  I have been blessed to have met Megan and get to know her over the last couple of years.  She was an excellent choice for the position as she is a strong leader with a positive energy that thoroughly cares about the customer and about the future of the USPS.  Her consistent message was always giving thanks to customers for the business, letting her team know that the USPS will support the customers and our industry in every way they can.  She was the first female to serve in the role and was an exemplary example of what a strong female leader who excels at sharing a vision and getting buy in to that vision.  Megan Brennan surely will be missed.  I am hoping that Louis DeJoy will be a great follow up and keep the momentum going!

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