Restaurant Postcard Mailers

Although much of today’s advertising focuses on digital marketing channels, with less and less correspondence conducted via physical post, the fact remains that restaurant businesses that pursue a multi-channeled approach have the best chance to reach an audience and inspire patronage. One great way for you to connect with local customers is through restaurant mailers that raise awareness for your location and provide residents a good reason to visit.

At Kessler Creative, we’re committed to results-driven marketing, including a range of print and digital solutions. We started in direct mail and continue to employ this strategy today because it works.

People enjoy getting mail, and mailers give you an opportunity as a business to connect with consumers in positive and meaningful ways, especially when these efforts are paired with target market research. This is ultimately what results-driven marketing is all about.

How can restaurant marketing via direct mailer help your business?

What Can Jacksonville, FL, Restaurant Postcard Mailers Do for You?

Direct mail allows you to introduce yourself to local residents and give them a reason to visit your location. Statistics show that over 40% of people who receive direct mail will at least scan it. Compare this to email, where unknown senders are often routed to junk mail.

When people open a physical box, they can hold that mail in their hands and flip through it with ease to see what might be relevant. With attention-grabbing graphics and compelling content, you have the opportunity to convince them to read more, look you up online, and eventually visit your restaurant.

Even if recipients don’t act immediately, just having your mailer in the home where it can be seen again and again reinforces your messaging and reminds them to act. This increased visibility, awareness, and recognition boosts the chances consumers will be motivated to visit your business.

What to Include in Your Restaurant Mailers

Like any form of advertising, the best return on investment comes from creating content designed to capitalize on the strengths of the medium, to resonate with your target market, and ultimately compel action. This requires an understanding both of recognized multi-channel marketing techniques and the psychology of sales.

Every aspect of the layout and design can make a difference, from the colors and graphics to the content of the copy and more. The team at Kessler Creative possesses the knowledge and experience to help you create engaging postcard mailers that will boost brand awareness and bring new business to your location.

So what makes a mailing campaign successful? Your name, logo, and other identifying information need not take up a ton of space on the mailer, but they should be prominently displayed. There are many goals in print advertising, and arguably, the most important goal is boosting sales and ongoing patronage.

However, you also want to increase recognition, and the best way to do that is by creating imaging that consumers instantly associate with your brand. Clear, consistent branding includes not only your name and logo but the font styles and colors you choose.

Consider distinctive and instantly recognizable branding elements like T-Mobile pink, the Nike swoosh, the Starbucks mermaid, and so on. However you choose to represent your brand through images, it’s important to include consistent elements across all marketing efforts as this will elevate recognition.

While you don’t want to include an abundance of reading material in your restaurant postcard mailers, you do need to include persuasive copy that gives consumers a reason to visit your location and sample your products and services. Bulleted lists or short paragraphs give you an opportunity to deliver engaging, bite-size snippets of information.

The ideal strategy with copy is revealing how taking action and visiting your restaurant benefits the consumer. You can certainly call out features that set you apart from competitors, but ultimately, your job is to identify customer pain points and offer solutions that improve their lives and their dining experience. How will your restaurant accomplish this goal?

Our talented and experienced team here at Kessler Creative collaborates closely with every client to get fully acquainted with your business and goals. This intimacy enables us to create targeted messaging that drives interest and boosts sales.

Whenever you’re working with a visual format, you need to place emphasis on creating a compelling layout and design, complete with engaging graphics. Images could consist of eye-catching photos of well-presented food and beverages, an attractive and welcoming restaurant interior, or even friendly staff serving satisfied guests.

Your imaging should always support written content and vice-versa. Tying all elements together to create cohesive messaging is an important part of creating an engaging and compelling experience for mailer recipients, whether they’re prospective customers learning about your business for the first time or customers who already patronize your establishment.

Imagine consumers receiving your restaurant mailers, deciding they want to visit, but then finding no information about your location. This is a worst-case scenario in advertising, because you’ve not only made it difficult for a customer to follow through with a desired action, but you’ve created a negative experience for them, which means new problems for you.

If consumers want to visit your restaurant, they have to take an extra step to search your location online. Most won’t bother, and in the process, they retain a negative impression of your brand. Including your location and contact information on postcard mailers is crucial to campaign success.

Mouthwatering photos of delicious food, along with a compelling list of reasons to visit a business location could be enough to bring in new customers. However, mailers give you the opportunity to draw prospective customers with compelling, money-saving offers.

One easy way to do this is by including coupons in your mailer. You could offer anything from dollars-off meal discounts, entree BOGOs, and even free drink desserts. If you elect not to trim potential profits by offering coupons, you can still get people in the door by including early bird and happy hours specials and other discount offerings.

The ultimate goal in restaurant advertising is encouraging consumers to complete a desired action. With mailers, your aim is probably getting those new customers in the door while convincing existing customers to return.

A call to action (CTA) is an essential part of your copy. After all, consumers aren’t mind-readers, so your expectations should be clear. Whether you want them to visit your location, call in a reservation, or download your online ordering app to their smartphone, a clear and concise CTA is a must.

Why Choose Kessler Creative for Your Restaurant Advertising?

Kessler Creative is your one-stop source for innovative and results-driven advertising solutions. Our omnichannel marketing services include:

  • Data tracking

  • Analytics

  • Audience targeting

  • Design services

  • Digital marketing

  • Printing services (including large format)

  • Direct mailing

  • And even more!

When it comes to direct mailing, we have a long history of delivering outstanding, data-driven results, earning us a distinction as the top printing agency in Florida. We provide exceptional quality and customer care, with services designed to meet the unique needs of every individual client, whether marketing goals are large or small.

Clients select only the services they prefer and have an opportunity to engage in multi-channel campaigns that provide the greatest opportunity to reach target audiences, both in print and online. With competitive pricing, Kessler Creative has options to suit every business, and we pride ourselves on delivering all projects on time, every time.

If you’re looking for a reliable partner in restaurant marketing in Jacksonville, FL, with a proven track record of success, the qualified professionals at Kessler Creative are ready to help you reach your business goals with engaging postcard mailer campaigns. Contact us today to learn more and request a quote.