Your online marketing should be integrated with your off-line marketing.

Advertising in today’s marketplace creating a successful marketing campaign requires your brand to interact with potential customers on various platforms.  It takes combining both traditional media channels, e.g., print ads, signage systems, billboards, TV and radio with new emerging digital channels, e.g., website, email, mobile, search and social.

Kessler Creative excels at helping you integrate your traditional, offline marketing strategy with your online marketing strategy.

Our cornerstone services in online marketing Digital Direct Mail, Responsive WebsiteDesign, Mobile, Email Marketing, Social Media, Remarketing, and Mobile Search.

Digital Direct Mail (DDM)

Kessler Creative’s Digital Direct Mail service is a new and exciting patent-pending technology that now enables our direct mail advertisers to reach their intended target audience for pennies on the dollar with surgical precision. When combined with a traditional direct mail campaign, digital direct mail can bolster response rates in some cases up to 6 times higher than the average rate.

With DDM, you’re in control.

  • You choose the day and time we deliver your digital direct ads to your list.
  • You control the number of ad impressions per household.
  • You manage costs easily, as this program’s based on a cost-per-impression.

Responsive Website Design

Your website is the #1 destination whenever someone wants to know more about you. This makes it the backbone of your marketing strategy.

But many companies still neglect their website. For some, their site was built years ago and has barely been touched. It wasn’t optimized for today’s search engine rules and has outdated content. In too many cases, no one can even remember who’s hosting their site – or how to get in touch with the site administrator.

Others never got around to having a website, and it’s overwhelming to think about how to build one from scratch.

Kessler Creative specializes in developing high-resolution websites that reinforce your brand. The look and feel of your site has to match all of your other marketing and promotional collateral. Together, they provide a common, consistent visual experience across all marketing channels.

If you need a new site designed or if you have an existing site that needs a tweak, we can help.


Another effective online marketing tool is (SMS) short message service, since response time for a text is amazingly fast compared to someone opening an email.

If you’re gathering mobile phone numbers on a contact form, via a QR code, or in another method, we can take those mobile numbers, create a list, and do a text blast for you as another service.

Imagine the following:

– A restaurant owner blasts out a text message to announce a special tasting menu for first-come, first-served customers.

– A massage therapist blasts out a holiday weekend discount announcement.

– An auto repair shop offers loaner cars during the summer months for customers who come in for tire alignment.

– An eye doctor in the city offers free pick-up for patients who have no access to a car or public transportation.

Email Marketing

Another Kessler Creative specialty is email marketing. Creating an email strategy should be a natural part of your marketing mix. It’s an additional effective way to reach your customers and prospects regularly. We make it easy for you, because we handle it all, including design, delivery, and reporting.

We can segment your email list into prospects vs. clients, create an HTML template for a response-driven design, write compelling content, load your list, publish your emails, and track all responses, including open rates and click-through rates.

As email marketing experts, we comply with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003. 

Don’t have a list? We can still reach your prospects with a fully customized permission based email campaign. Based on demographics and locations that you select.

Social Media

Every marketing channel you use should have the same look. A consistent design conveys professionalism and success, and this applies to your social channels as well.

Wherever you have a corporate presence – on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social sites, we’ll brand your social media pages to match your marketing materials. We work with you to develop a voice and an editorial calendar.

Let us build your social media strategy so that you can increase your reach through these networks. It could include blogging, posting, and using various online advertising tools to maximize your social presence.


Another online marketing service we offer is remarketing, which lets you show ads to people who’ve visited your own website or your mobile app. This is especially effective when your site has significant traffic.

Remarketing can work in different ways. One way is to serve ads on other sites based on keywords your visitors use to get to your site. Or you can remarket based on products they indicate an interest in when visiting your site. Some companies remarket to people who’ve searched for certain products or services on your site, then searched for the same products and services on Google.

Since it’s based on your site’s visitor behavior, remarketing is effective and relevant. Your ads appear elsewhere on the Internet – but not randomly, always strategically.

Mobile Search

Did you know that 69% of mobile phone users expect businesses to be within 5 miles of where they are when they conduct a search?

Let Kessler Creative help you craft your mobile marketing strategy, using a powerful mobile search technology called Proximity Marketing. Connecting with mobile customers is critical for businesses today. As of 2014, there were 5.2 billion mobile phone users (73% population penetration), according to the 2015 Internet Usage Trends report. Consider the fact that 20 years ago, there were only 80 million mobile users (1% population penetration), and you realize the importance of mobile marketing.

With Proximity Marketing, we help you use cellular technology to send your marketing messages to mobile phone users when they’re near your business. This explains why it’s also called “hyperlocal marketing.”

Let’s say you own a restaurant. If someone’s searching on a mobile phone for a restaurant within 5 miles, and happens to be close to your business, we can create a unique push-pin color and a more descriptive piece of copy so that when all the push pins show up to indicate the local restaurants, yours will stand out.

Dominate local search results with Kessler Creative’s Proximity Marketing services.

Please contact us today to discuss your options for an effective online marketing strategy.