Creating Consistency in an Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign

Marketers recognize the importance of creating a seamless experience for their customers – an experience that allows customers to “jump” from platform to platform and receive the same information while continuing the sales process. The company must present themselves in a trustworthy manner, so the customer knows they are buying from the same place no matter what the platform is.

To ensure that the trust is maintained, the company must create and uphold consistency across all platforms. This can be achieved in three simple steps.

Create Visual Consistency

What is the very first thing that customers should see when jumping from platform to platform? The logo. This is the company’s first step in creating visual consistency. Every company dreams to have instant recognition in the way that Target or McDonalds receive it. These companies have crafted a logo with simple elements that go a long way and are the same across every single platform. The logo conveys the message of the company.

The next step when creating visual consistency across all platforms is to use consistent color schemes. If your company has created brand guidelines and parameters, use them! These colors have been carefully selected by marketers and/or graphic designers to evoke a certain feeling from customers. Each color has insightful meanings in the world of advertising, and using them correctly and effectively across all platforms will build trust with customers while encouraging action!

Along the same lines of using consistent color schemes is using consistent graphics. Everything you do to create messages across all platforms such as headers, banners, emails, letters, and social media profiles should employ similar visual graphics. Remember, you want to be as recognizable as possible!

Present Consistent Messaging

By this step, you’ve started working on your visual consistency. What are your customers hearing? Presenting consistent messaging goes hand-in-hand with creating visual consistency. Begin by crafting a mission statement that is succinct and to-the-point. Your mission statement should clearly outline your differentiators and what you are going to do to make something better.

Within and outside of your mission statement, ensure that your brand voice is consistent. Your tone of voice and word choice will create consistent messaging. Each platform employs your brand voice, so select a few adjectives that describe the voice. Be careful not to change the voice across different platforms, as this will diminish your trustworthiness.

Consistent messaging is important in creating one-to-one communications with customers, especially through social media platforms. Customers want to feel like they are speaking to and hearing from one person, even if your social media account is being managed by multiple people. You’ll want to aim for a tone that can be demonstrated to your entire company so that messaging is consistent across all channels.

Speak a Common Language

When crafting the language of your company, remember that it should incorporate the spirit of your company. Therefore, word usage is critical in everything from blog posts to the tagline of the company.

Ensure that your language is relatable to everyone. The last thing you want is someone being turned off from your company because they don’t understand what you have to say.

You can work towards stronger engagement and more sales just by using a consistent voice and maintaining brand appearance. With this technique in addition to other important elements, you can create a very successful Direct Mail campaign.