Video: Re-Imagine What Mail Can Do

The time has come. Mail is primed to help to improve the customer experience and drive your business forward. See how the latest innovations from the U.S. Postal Service give you the tools you need to deliver more delight to your customers.   Informed Delivery is an amazing new tool for both postal customers and marketers alike. If you have any questions or would like assistance getting started, let us know. Contact […]

We’re Hiring Motivated Candidates

Kessler Creative, a fast-growing marketing and direct mail company located in the Mandarin area of Jacksonville, Florida, is seeking to fill the positions listed below. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work in the exciting print and digital advertising industry with a leader in creative sales and marketing, consider these opportunities… Print Sales Executive Administrative Assistant Bindery Operator/Cutter Digital Operator Production Coordinator Delivery Driver & Mailroom Assistant Interested? Please […]

Successful Real Estate Executives Benefit from EDDM

Anyone with a product or service to sell is consistently looking for the best way to promote their business and the goods they sell. The real estate business is no different. Most successful real estate brokers and agents alike, already know the best secret for effective marketing.  Through extensive trial and error, they’ve come to learn Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM, is not only a brilliant marketing tool, it’s […]

Jax for Javi Reception held June 28 in Mandarin

Kessler Creative played host to a gathering of Northeast Florida business owners and community leaders last evening in support of a long-time Kessler Creative customer, Javier Manjarres. Javi, as he’s known to family and friends is a 2018 Republican Candidate for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District of The United States House of Representatives. Manjarres, publisher of a South Florida-based conservative political website, is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic Congressman Ted Deutch, […]

Print Evolution Offers New Opportunities for Advertisers

Today’s printing industry is quickly evolving and is no longer segmented as it was just a few years ago. Signage or sign printing is no longer the scope only of sign companies any more than direct marketing programs are only for commercial printers. These days, variation is the key to growth in the print arena. A very “large” part of this differentiation includes Wide-Format printing. Sometimes called large-format printing or […]

4 Tips for Using Deadlines to Increase Consumer Response

Have you ever received a mail piece that gave you no reason to act immediately? Where did that mail piece end up? Without a sense of urgency or a deadline, your consumers virtually have no reason to act on your offer, leaving your response rates in the trash can with your mail piece. Deadlines have been highly successful marketing campaigns and sales initiatives for years while some are obvious, others […]

Informed Delivery Expands the Reach of Direct Marketing

Continuing the conversation to help our clients and colleagues gain insight into the benefits of the USPS Informed Delivery program, let’s look into how direct marketers can use the program to add touch points, increase impressions and digitize direct mail campaigns. From our last post, we learned Informed Delivery provides eligible residential U.S. Postal customers with a digital preview of their household’s incoming mail scheduled to arrive soon. Users can view greyscale […]

Informed Delivery – Something New

Have you ever you ever wished there was a camera in your mail box? It’s here! And yes, there’s an app for that… Just when you thought Facebook, Instagram and Snap-Chat are surely the prime candidates for the most pictures taken and posted online daily; not even close. In fact, taking and delivering approximately 410,000,000 new pictures every day, it’s the United States Postal Service. To help our clients and […]

Creating Consistency in an Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign

Marketers recognize the importance of creating a seamless experience for their customers – an experience that allows customers to “jump” from platform to platform and receive the same information while continuing the sales process. The company must present themselves in a trustworthy manner, so the customer knows they are buying from the same place no matter what the platform is. To ensure that the trust is maintained, the company must […]

The Tangible Benefits of Direct Mail

The Tangible Benefits of Direct Mail In this highly digital world, direct mail remains one of the few tangible marketing channels. Due to its physical nature, it has the power to stand out from other marketing channels. Utilize direct mail to its fullest capacity by consulting one of our direct mail experts here at Kessler Creative. Let’s take a look at the tangible benefits direct mail offers. Measurable It may […]