Your Direct Mail Campaign: Brochures or Postcards?


You have begun the process of developing a new direct mail campaign. Now you need to decide what medium will be used to deliver your message. You’ve determined either a brochure mailer or a postcard mailer are the two most likely choices, but which choice is better for YOUR campaign? Is it the informative approach of the brochure? Or is it the eye-catching appeal of the postcard?

It’s the brochure!

Need to deliver important details and specific information to receivers of your direct mail campaign? When a brochure is designed correctly, it is capable of delivering more information to your viewer than a postcard could. Brochures are also multi-purpose in design models (available as tri-folds, flyers, catalogs, etc.) which gives them more use and longer lives. In addition to being delivered through the mail, brochures can be used as display pieces in your office, handouts at events, or even add-ons for your company’s media kit!

It’s the postcard!

Trying to grab your viewers attention and get them to contact you directly? Postcards’ inherent visual appeal, unburdened by envelopes, make it the extremely effective direct mail piece that it is. Much like the brochure, proper design drives the effectiveness of this mail piece. Coupled with their eye-grabbing capabilities, postcards are faster, cheaper, and easier to produce. Postcards can also be mailed for lower postage rates than brochures.

It’s both!

ThinkstockPhotos-128949893If you have determined that your marketing budget can actually employ both postcards AND brochures, you must be sure to maximize the effectiveness of both in order to make the most of your efforts. The best approach is to use brochures as support for your postcard mailers. For example, after you have delivered your postcard campaign to introduce your business, take advantage of being at the front of prospects’ minds by delivering a brochure that fills in the gaps. Brochures are perfect for this because they are excellent tools for providing additional information as well as answers to the questions viewers of your postcard might have had.

Regardless of which medium you choose, the fundamentals for creating a successful campaign are the same for both. Your return on investment (ROI) will be much higher if you take these factors into account:

  • Focus on a single main message that is supported by visuals.
  • Make sure the information is concise. Deliver quickly how you’re different from competitors and why you should be chosen above the competition.
  • Whether it be a postcard or brochure, always incorporate an offer backed by a call to action.
  • Use the design and print quality of the mailing piece to showcase the quality of your business.
  • Targeting through an appropriate mailing list is essential.
  • Provide reviews or testimonials that illustrate the message your mailing piece is delivering. This serves to substantiate the claims you’ve been making about how your business is the one they should choose.

Never forget that a top priority for any direct mail campaign is to create an attractive mailer that positively represents your business. Working with a full-service direct mail company will always be better than trying to tackle it on your own. Not only will they help you develop every aspect of your campaign, but they will work with you to evolve or change strategies in the future.

Kessler Creative is the full-service direct mail solution you’ve been searching for. The specialized strengths of a mailing company such as Kessler Creative are invaluable in furthering the success of your business. Call us at 1.888.416.4098 or visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us today!

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