What’s to Love About Direct Mail?

Let’s talk about the reasons to love direct mail!  We feel pretty strong about it and the main reason we love it so much is because we see it work.  We not only work with customers every day to help grow their businesses with direct mail but we also use direct mail for our own business. It works for us and here are a few reasons why we love it.


One of the great things about direct mail is that any company can use it and be successful. It is not limited to one type of business. Whether you are a non-profit, restaurant, health insurance company, mechanic, or retail store, direct mail will work for you. For any type of business it’s the easiest and most targeted way to get your message out there.


Anytime a direct mail campaign is sent out, your company name is being advertised. Part of growing as a company is making your name recognizable so people know where you are and who you are. Direct mail is the perfect way to do this. So many businesses have told us that after they sent out a postcard they received calls from people who had never heard of them even though their business was right down the street. Direct mail is a quick way to make your name recognizable to a lot of consumers.


It’s a great feeling to send out a direct mail letter or postcard and then hear the phone ring. It’s exciting to have someone call and say “I just received the postcard you sent me.”  With direct mail you can see the results of a campaign quickly and determine what is working and what needs to be changed.


The options with direct mail are endless. You can use color, black and white, live stamps, scratch offs, variable data, different types of paper, magnets, the list goes on. You can try different offers and incentives as well as choose from an extensive list of mailing list demographics.  You can test different options and use your creativity to produce a successful and eye-catching direct mail campaign.

Give direct mail marketing a try and we promise that you’ll love it just as much as we do.  Call us today for more information. 800-394-9393