Top 10 Reasons to Try Direct Mail

Top-TenIn challenging economic times, businesses are allocating their marketing investments more into direct marketing.  It doesn’t matter what type of business it is, the common goal of business owners is to acquire more clients and grow sales. Direct mail is the proven avenue to achieve those goals.

So here are our top 10 reasons why we think you should give it direct mail a try.

1. It’s Targeted.

Allows you to focus on your specific audience, directing your campaign to the exact market you want to reach.

 2. It’s Personal.

Variable data technology allows you to personalize each piece by inserting database information. Rather than “Dear Sir,” your piece is addressed to individual recipients, creating higher response rates.

 3. It’s Tailored.

Craft a message tailor-made for your audience, addressing their needs and appealing to their interests.

4. It’s Flexible.

Custom design allows for nearly limitless possibilities regarding colors and graphics.

5. It Stands Out.

With a large number of people receiving bills and other advertisements by email, direct mail has less items to compete with in the mail box and therefor stands out in the crowd.

6. It Builds Your Brand.

Advertising has a great way of putting your company’s name out there and direct mail is the perfect way to build name recognition. It makes a company more recognizable each time a mail piece is sent out.

7. It’s Tangible.

Customers can hold your card, referring to your message as often as they like. And, the right design can have your card displayed on refrigerator doors and bulletin boards! Include special offers to encourage customer interaction and response.

8. It Gets a Response.

With a strong call to action and offer, the response on a direct mail piece can be very successful. Direct Mail also allows the ability to get prospects to contact you in several ways at once – bringing in the postcard, calling the 800 numbers, visiting a website, etc.

9. It’s Measurable.

Track your Direct Mail Postcard campaign by counting responses and inquiries the card generates. Knowing what works helps you tweak your next campaign for maximum results.

10. It’s Cost Effective.

Stretch your advertising budget by targeting who you want to reach when you want to reach them.

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