Tips From Our Award-Winning Designers

It’s time to tap into your creative genius! When crafting a direct mail campaign, an eye-catching design is critical to your response rate and return on investment. To help you design your perfect mail piece, we asked our designers to compile the following tips:

Choose the right size:

Every successful mail campaign starts with choosing the perfect size mail piece. You can’t develop an eye-catching design without knowing your exact dimensions and how much space you have for your design. To determine the right size, you should weigh several factors, including content, appearance, visibility, timing, space, and cost-effectiveness.

Keep Copy Concise

To maintain balance on your mail piece and ensure that your recipients understand your message, we recommend keeping your copy concise – after all, you don’t have too much space to work with! If a single paragraph contains more than seven lines, break it into multiple paragraphs to make it easier for your readers.

Ensure Offer & Call to Action Are Clear

 A large portion of your campaign’s success lies in how powerful your offer is. Make sure you bold your offer and call to action to draw attention to it immediately. Keep the offer short, clear, and to the point. If you’re offering a discount code, for example, ensure your audience knows how to apply the code at checkout.

 Proof Your Work

It’s tempting to want to send your work straight to print as soon as you’ve developed your eye-catching design, but try to refrain from doing so. Proofing your design guarantees that it arrives in mailboxes mistake-free. Review things like spelling, links, QR codes, and phone numbers. Before you send it off, go through a checklist of these elements. Our team will double-check your mail piece as well!