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Tips For Making Direct Mail Stand Out

Consumers are busier today than yesterday and busier tomorrow than today. From the moment their morning alarm wakes them, clients are already scrolling through notifications, emails, and texts. They have barely been awake for a few minutes before dozens of ads have hit their screens. This does not even include the total amount of ads an average person sees in a whole day, which is a mind-boggling 4,000-10,000 a day on average per person, according to Forbes. This results in digital marketing content being disregarded and forgotten easily. 

In comes direct mail. While direct mail might seem like an outdated form of marketing in today’s digitally driven world, it still offers a premium way of reaching and impacting a potential prospect for your business. Direct mail physically places you in front of a prospect making your brand easy to remember and increasing the chances of recipients making a purchase. So, how can you make your mailer stand out in a mailbox? 

Personalize Your Mailer

Since mail is sent to individual addresses, it is possible to use variable data to know and include the names of the recipients. Simply adding a first name instead of “Dear, Homeowner” can go a long way towards making a meaningful impression. According to Fundera, adding a name to your direct mail piece can increase response rates by 135%. That is a noticeable difference that will make a remarkable impact on your campaign ROI.

Include a Special Offer

Another way to make your marketing mail stand out is by including a special offer. With an enticing offer, your mailer will instantly gain value in the eyes of the recipient. They will have more reason to respond, which generates higher response rates and more leads. Unlike digital ads, direct mail is tangible and can be kept around so your offer will continue to be seen, leading to better brand recall. 

Integrate Digital Content

Today’s world is digitally driven. People surf the internet, browse social media, and watch digital content each day. Including a unique landing page, short video, or a link to your social media using a QR code allows you to track ROI from your direct mail campaign and gives recipients a chance to access your digital content, effectively doubling your impressions and engagement. 

Use an Interactive, Creative Design.

The goal is to stand out from any other mail piece found in a prospect’s mailbox. With creative designs such as cut-outs, 3-D pop-ups, foldouts, scratch-offs, special finishes, and a well-placed call to action, your campaign engagement level will undoubtedly increase as recipients interact with the mailer to take in the underlying message. 

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