The Tangible Benefits of Direct Mail

The Tangible Benefits of Direct Mail

In this highly digital world, direct mail remains one of the few tangible marketing channels. Due to its physical nature, it has the power to stand out from other marketing channels. Utilize direct mail to its fullest capacity by consulting one of our direct mail experts here at Kessler Creative. Let’s take a look at the tangible benefits direct mail offers.

It may come as quite a surprise that direct mail is highly measurable, when we know that digital marketing and email give you metrics at the click of a button. Direct mail can be equipped with tracking efforts that are nearly invisible to the customer eye, but are rich and resourceful for marketers. Some of the well-known and most-used tracking efforts are promo codes and Quick Response (QR) Codes. In addition, more subtle response efforts can be used such as Personalized URLs (PURLs) and Call Source Tracking (wherein a phone number is generated specifically for that mail piece). There are many possibilities – contact one of our direct mail experts to have them assist you with your measurable response efforts!

With direct mail, you have the power to deliver your message at the right time to the prospects and customers that you want to market to. By using a detailed mailing list, you can use specific “selects”, such as household income, age, net worth, etc. The information that you choose will populate into a mailing list that you can send your mail piece directly to.

Sense of Touch
Since your marketing message is coming in physical form, direct mail can stimulate the sense of touch. Through the creative design and size selection, you have the power to truly make a mail piece stand out in a mailbox. Remember that you have 2-5 seconds to capture a customer’s attention before they make a decision to act on the message or discard. Additionally, there are many different printing techniques and methods that will enhance your mail piece, and will set you apart from the rest of the mail.

Shelf Life
Direct mail advertising ends to have a longer shelf life than email or digital marketing. Customers may hold on to coupons or catalogs they receive to inform purchasing decisions later. While that shelf life is good for your message, be sure to include a sense of urgency and some kind of date for customers to act on so that they don’t completely forget about you!

Direct mail can be highly personal – almost anything and everything on a mail piece can be personalized. This provides an emotional stimulation when the customer views your mail piece, because now they feel that your company went the extra step to single them out and make them feel cared about. Because of its personal nature, direct mail can get right to the decision maker of the household.

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