The Rule of 7

In the marketing world there is a rule of thumb that says until a recipient has seen your message at least 7 times, they won’t even realize you exist. This is called The Rule of 7.

Certainly there are some exceptions to this rule but the basic premise is true. Most people will not even realize you exist before they’ve seen your marketing several times. This may seem seem like a daunting or expensive task but repetition is the key when it comes to the success of a direct mail campaign. While you don’t necessarily have to commit to sending a mailer 7 times, it is true that sending one mailing and expecting a successful return on investment might be wishful thinking. Don’t waste your money by sending out one small campaign, hoping for a large return. Once you begin hitting your target market with repetitive mailings, they will begin to recognize you more and see you as a name they can trust.

Maybe you think that mailing multiple times is completely out of your budget. First, consider that each mailing is an investment and the more consistent you are in that investment, the higher of a return you will receive. But there are also ways to save money on your mailings. Here are a few tips to lower the cost on multiple mailings:

1.  Make sure you have the right kind of mailing list.

You don’t want to waste your money by mailing to people who will not need your product or service. Work on getting a mailing list that is targeted to the people or areas that will benefit you.

2.  Do your postage research.

There are more options than first class and knowing about these other options could save you a lot of money. Depending on what type of mailing list you’re using there are options for presort first class, bulk mail, saturation, every door direct, and more.  With some of these options you can save several pennies per mail piece and that quickly adds up to big savings.

3.  Send the right amount of pieces.

You may think that saving money means sending out a small amount of pieces but this can sometimes end up costing you more in the end. Depending on what type of mailing you’re doing you may be required to send out a specific amount to get a postage discount. Also, sending out a small amount could mean getting less returns. It’s helpful to talk to a direct mail expert about what your expectations are for a ROI and then plan your mailing amounts around that instead of just picking a random small number before you get started.

Consistency in direct mail keeps you in the mind of your future customer as well as makes your brand recognizable. A repeated mailing is affordable even for the smallest business. The key is to come up with a budget that you can afford and work with a direct marketing agency specialist to come up with a plan that will maximize your investment.  Call us today to come up with a plan that will work for you. 800-394-9393