Successful Real Estate Executives Benefit from EDDM

Anyone with a product or service to sell is consistently looking for the best way to promote their business and the goods they sell. The real estate business is no different.

Most successful real estate brokers and agents alike, already know the best secret for effective marketing.  Through extensive trial and error, they’ve come to learn Every Door Direct Mail or EDDM, is not only a brilliant marketing tool, it’s also one of the most cost effective and one of the smartest ways to go.

Direct mail postcards are an excellent tool for marketing, but it is an even better channel for real estate executives. Postcards combined with EDDM can get your information in front of targeted prospective buyers quickly.

Whether you’re advertising just listed homes, just sold homes, open houses or other real estate related events, EDDM postcards are the right way to get the job done. Once the direct mail postcards have been designed, printed and your plan is in place, the realtor can target specific neighborhoods or zip codes to attract prospective home buyers who may be interested in a home you have to sell. This is an effective way to make sure your marketing dollars will only go to where you want them.

Why Postcards for Realtors?

As a realtor, your name is your most important collateral. You want your name on the radar of every prospect within the areas you serve. As you establish yourself within specific neighborhoods and communities, real estate direct mail campaigns can be customized for use as just listed, just sold announcements; farming campaigns or open house invitations. Combined and sent on a consistent basis, prospects will come to know you as the area’s real estate thought leader and the top authority on home sales in the neighborhood.

Perhaps you have your eye on another neighborhood to expand your possibilities. With EDDM, you can promote yourself as the go-to realtor for homeowners who are interested in selling, flipping or investing. Also, since you are your own boss, you can promote your business in one area and change to another it if your response rate does not meet your expectations.

Today, you can also implement technology into these postcards by adding quick response codes where you can lead your prospective buyers or sellers to other platforms for possible business. Whether it’s to a listing specific landing page, website or direct dial telephone number, you’re in control with your marketing call to action.

Now, with the recent implementation of the United States Postal Service’s Informed Delivery Program, your direct mail postcard campaign can transverse marketing channels to drive your mail customers directly to the online landing page of your choice through postal customer’s daily Informed Delivery emails or Informed Delivery dashboard.

The possibilities are endless, the results are real, which is why direct mail postcards are still the top product for generating real estate leads. After speaking with the staff at Kessler Creative in Jacksonville, Florida, we’ve found they offer real estate executives an extensive selection of postcard options, including various postcard sizes, paper stocks and finishes and customers can even choose from premium glossy ultraviolet finishes, matte finishes, or heavy gloss cover papers.  Other options include printing on both sides of the postcard and bundle options of 50 or 100. Kessler Creative also offers full-service, turn-key EDDM postcard marketing services as an effective way to bring new business and brand awareness to prospective home buyers and sellers.

The agency can work directly with brokers or realtors to assist with messaging, creative design and scheduling your order from start to finish saving customers time and money. On average, they can handle the print, processing, and delivery to the post office, targeting your best neighborhoods for less than 21¢ per household. If you need help with designing your direct mail postcards, they can assist with that too!

Online, customers can complete the online form and one of Kessler Creative’s experienced graphic designers will be in touch to walk customers through the entire design process. They also provide a full-array of products including realtor signs, brochures, rack cards, open house signs and more. These folks truly do make real estate marketing easy!

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