Selling the Experience

Selling the Experience: An Interview

Within a company, the sales department plays a crucial role in the success of the business. Their unique role is to bridge the gap between the prospect’s needs and the products/services that fulfill those needs. Excellent salespeople not only generate the sales, but they also leave a long-lasting impact on their customers. That’s where our salesman Darren comes in!

Darren Peterson is the National Sales Executive here at Kessler Creative who has been with us for over 11 years! Darren joined Kessler Creative with years of Sales experience which has helped drive revenue and profits for the company!

Tell us about your background — you can include information about your school, previous companies, etc.

DP – I joined the Navy right out of High School and from there attended the University of Florida where I graduated with a Marketing degree in 96’. Since then, I have gained over 25 years of sales experience with companies like Colgate and Kmart.

What do you enjoy most about working at KC?

DP – I’ve been at Kessler Creative since 2010. Being here for over a decade has taught me a lot about the in-and-outs of selling in this industry. For me, every day is an opportunity to generate new business for Kessler. Each day is similar, but in different ways, which makes the job interesting and keeps me on my toes!  

What does a normal day at KC look like for you?

DP – As a National Sales Executive, you wear a number of different hats from Sales and Accounting, to Logistics, Account Manager, and even Consultant! Some of my tasks include:

  • Cold calling prospects
  • Reaching out to current customers ensuring their mailers were a success
  • Answering prospect calls and selling them on the spot
  • Emailing estimates
  • Drafting presentations for key customers
  • Secure client funding for projects

As you can see, a typical day can pull you in several different directions. So, when I tell people, “I am in Sales”, you can see that there is more than what meets the eye!

In your experience, what have you learned to be some key elements of being in a sales role?

DP- The most valuable tool you have when selling is, knowing your product and going that extra mile in the process. At Kessler Creative, we do feel that the biggest reason people consistently choose us is our superior customer service.

I do feel as though customer service and sales go hand in hand. So, throughout my day I am constantly talking to customers and prospects, trying to figure out how I can match up our services with their needs.  A salesperson needs to understand what the clients end desire is to help them uncover the best products that will drive their final result.

What are things you enjoy doing outside of work?

DP – Family is everything to me. So, most of my weekends consist of spending time with my wife and daughter. I also enjoy golfing; I try to do that as often as I can. I also am a little bit of a foodie and try to go to different restaurants and find new places to eat!

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