Sell Your Solution

marketing-plan-thinkingFor businesses, there can be a temptation to saturate your marketing efforts with information about your company and all of the qualifications your business has. While this is not always a bad thing, most people just want to know how your product or service can be a help to them. They want to know how your business can be the solution to what they need.

So before doing any marketing, stop and think about what you are offering and how it can help the people you are targeting. A good way to do this is to start by asking yourself these questions before developing your next marketing campaign:

  1. Who am I targeting?
  2. What is the biggest need of the people I am targeting?
  3. How can what I’m selling solve their need?

Examples are always nice so here’s one –  let’s say that your business is a dry cleaner and you want to send out a direct mail postcard. Here’s how you could answer those questions:

  1. Who am I targeting? Neighborhoods within 1 mile of our business.
  2. What is the biggest need  of the people I am targeting? A dry cleaner in close proximity who is affordable and has a quick turn around.  
  3. How can what I’m selling solve their need? Identify the need of a dry cleaner that is closer than any other dry cleaner in the area or maybe offers something that the competitors don’t. (A lower price or a quicker turn around) 

Instead of trying to sell your business, think about the people you are reaching and how what you have will make their life easier and more enjoyable. Understanding what your client really wants improves the experience for the client and a better experience means a greater likelihood of more sales.

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