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Reach Your Audience with a Targeted Direct Mailing List

The mailing list is one of the most important aspects of any direct mail campaign. Get your message in front of the right audience, and you’ve won half the battle. Send your message to the wrong people, and your campaign can take a turn for the worst.

Targeted mailing lists help you reach the right audience by giving you more control over who receives your message. With the ability to segment your list by almost any criteria imaginable, you can be as specific about who you’re targeting as you want.

Benefits of Targeted Direct Mail Lists

  • Reach a more specific and qualified audience
  • Tailor your messaging to the needs and desires of your ideal customer
  • A list for any business, no matter how niche your market is
  • Higher relevance, which leads to greater engagement and response

Types of Targeted Mailing Lists

Targeted direct mail lists can be extremely powerful when used the right way. Real estate agents, financial institutions, healthcare providers, home service companies, restaurants, and retailers all use targeted mailing lists to reach the consumers that matter most. Below are some popular examples of targeted direct mail lists we can provide for your next campaign!

B2B Mailing Lists- Target businesses by location (radius, area code, city, county, state, or zip code), business type, or data such as the number of employees, annual income, number of years in business, NAICS code, and more.

New Mover Lists- New movers are often looking for local restaurants, plumbers, contractors, healthcare professionals, and other service providers. Effortlessly market to new movers with our New Mover Program!

Pet Owner Mailing Lists- Did you know pet owners spend close to $70 billion annually on their pets? Groomers, dog walkers, veterinarians, and pet supply retailers can all benefit from targeting households with pets.

When you need to find a specific audience for your next direct mail campaign, Kessler Creative can access hundreds of specialty mailing lists and demographic preference selects to find the best prospects.

Targeted mailings don’t just saturate an area. They define the exact profile and persona characteristics of your prospects, and target only them. If you have a new business or need to find a specific audience to solicit, Kessler can create custom lists to meet most any objective!

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