Print Evolution Offers New Opportunities for Advertisers

Today’s printing industry is quickly evolving and is no longer segmented as it was just a few years ago. Signage or sign printing is no longer the scope only of sign companies any more than direct marketing programs are only for commercial printers.

These days, variation is the key to growth in the print arena. A very “large” part of this differentiation includes Wide-Format printing. Sometimes called large-format printing or grand-format printing, wide-format printing requires the use of specialty production equipment which can accommodate bigger-than-normal print dimensions.

Wide-format printers are generally accepted to be any computer-controlled printer which can support a maximum print width between 18″ to 100″. Printers with capacities over a 100″ width are considered grand-format or super-wide printers.

These printers can be used to print banners, signs, trade show graphics, wallpaper, back-lit film aka: duratrans, vehicle wraps, architectural drawings, construction plans, backdrops for stages and television broadcasting sets, or any other large format artwork or signage.

Another popular use is window graphics on which you can transform glass into opportunities for advertising, branding, one-way privacy, solar shading and decorative architectural features while retaining excellent see-through properties from the inside.

Wide format printers usually employ a variant of inkjet or toner-based technology to produce the printed image. This method is more economical than other print methods such as screen printing for most low quantity print projects depending on print size, run length and the type of substrate or print medium.

To better understand the advantages of wide format for advertisers and direct marketers, I recently talked with a wide format printing expert.

As the Vice President of Wide Format Operations for Kessler Creative, a top national direct marketing agency headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida; John Brophy is currently running the largest flatbed wide format printer in the State of Florida. With a media capacity of 8’ x 10’ John’s Cannon CE Arizona XTS UV flatbed printer has optimized the agency’s capabilities and scope of production.

The Arizona can print onto a roll of print media which feeds incrementally during the printing process or onto individual sheets of various substrates. Below, you can see multiple signs, simultaneously being printed on 5mm corrugated plastic called Corriboard. A fluted polypropylene sheet, Corriboard is a favorite of realtors and political advertisers as it is relatively inexpensive and extremely durable in an outside weathered environment.

During my conversation with John, he explained commercial print pricing has become very competitive and printers are looking for ways to expand their business in an effort to improve their top and bottom lines in the process. Wide-format printing is a prime opportunity to achieve these goals as the market, on average, is growing at approximately 10% to 12% annually.

John’s operation is set up perfectly for multipurpose, higher volume production of high-quality large format display graphics printing onto flexible or rigid substrates. This allows for efficient, higher volume overall media print production.

The newest wide-format flatbed printer models include features for automated printhead maintenance, repeatable physical media registration, fast media loading & holding, superior image quality and print reliability on rigid and/or flexible media.

Kessler Creative’s Arizona includes UV curable abilities which deliver exceptional image quality and take display graphics productivity to a new level. Every day, John takes on work which before now, it was never possible with lesser quality wide format printing systems.

If it can be printed digitally, it’s most probable John’s team can handle the job efficiently and quickly. With the ability to print on a wide variety of media and objects coupled lamination and flatbed custom cutting capabilities, John can handle anything from national point of purchase campaign displays for grocers to custom office wallpaper graphics to customized vehicle wraps.

Want to chat about getting the most out of your wide format printing needs? Contact us anytime: Kessler Creative • Results Driven Marketing Jacksonville, Florida • Main: 800.394.9393 Online:

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