Political Mailers

There’s always uncertainty in any political campaign. However, one constant truth is that politicians who are able to get the attention of voters are more likely to earn their support. Kessler Creative works with politicians to help them reach the citizens in their districts with colorful, attention-grabbing political mailers.

However, we are more than just a printing service for your campaign mailers. We have developed an omnichannel marketing platform to bridge your campaign postcards with a comprehensive internet marketing campaign.

Are you ready to get your message out to voters in your area? We can help you with colorful political mailers for your campaign.

Our team has worked with many politicians and campaign managers over the years. We rely on proven marketing techniques, impeccable design, and data to ensure that your campaign postcards have the most impact possible.

What We Do for Your Political Campaign

First, we work with you to determine who you wish to reach and where. We have the ability to pull lists of registered voters in your district so you can engage in the kind of pinpoint targeting that makes your campaigns a success.

This is just what you need to create truly personalized political mailers that allow you to customize your messaging to each group of voters. Such customization is key, as the needs and concerns of voters can truly vary from one location to another.

We’re proud to offer your campaign digital marketing services. However, the center of any direct mail campaign is attractive political mailers. Each postcard can be customized with the name of the voter, images of your choice, and a tailor-made message.

Let us combine our design expertise with your message to create campaign postcards that get results.

With mailers, you can direct your campaign postcards to people who live within certain zip codes, cities, or counties. That’s just the beginning. You may also clone mailing lists from previous campaigns, target only registered voters, or reach people in a specific location who also have other demographic characteristics.

Your direct mail campaign doesn’t have to stand on its own. It can be an important part of an omnichannel effort to reach your target voters via mail and online.

There are so many ways that this can be accomplished. For example, QR codes may be included on postcard mailers to connect people who receive your mailers to your campaign website or landing pages.

Additionally, the same messaging in your mailers can be continued through ads and other content on your social media pages. You can also location target social media ads to the same people who receive your postcards.

With a direct mail campaign, we can help you track who has received your mailers. Thanks to the integration, the data made available to you is even more powerful.

Imagine this. A customer receives your political mailer and scans a QR code. They provide their email address for future outreach, follow your campaign on social media, and perhaps even pledge a donation. You can track all of this back to a single mailer. Later, you’ll have the insights to know which campaigns got the best results and which did not.

It was once common practice for campaign staff and volunteers to manually stuff stamped envelopes with political literature. These were hand-addressed and taken to the post office for delivery.

Not only was this method error-prone but it took forever. It was also extraordinarily expensive. Imagine paying full postal rate, often using double postage just to ensure items weren’t overweight.

With modern, direct mailing efforts the process is much more efficient. Mailers are printed with a verified address and marked with the precise postal amount. Postcards are carefully sorted as well. This means postal staff has less work to do and your campaign pays lower rates.

Why Campaign Mailers Are Key to Success

Will direct mailers help your political campaign? The answer is an absolute yes! Let’s go over a few of the reasons why.

  • Maintain Campaign Budget Discipline

    It doesn’t take long to learn that campaign budgets can get out of control quickly. Television and radio ads are effective. They’re also prohibitively expensive. On the other hand, mailers are much more cost-effective.

  • Avoid Wasting Time on the Wrong Audience

    Other forms of advertising can cast an exceptionally wide net. In some cases, that’s a good thing. However, with most political campaigns that means your message is sent to people for whom your campaign is completely irrelevant. A direct mail campaign is perfectly geotargeted to reach your voters.

  • Voters Trust Direct Mail

    If you want to bring voters to your side, you need to establish credibility. Overall, voters see direct mail campaigns as one of the most trustworthy forms of outreach. It’s simple and easy to consume. Voters can learn about you and your platform on their own time, at their own pace.

  • Direct Mail Gets Campaign Postcards to Your Target Audience

    There’s no denying it. Voters become overwhelmed and frustrated by intense political campaigns. When those campaigns disrupt their television or video viewing experiences, they may change the channel or skip ads. Many people simply use ad blockers or premium subscription services that are free of any sort of advertising.

    Direct mail is different. While no method is 100% guaranteed, your campaign mailers will absolutely arrive in each voter’s mailbox. That alone improves your chances of reaching that household with your message.

Data-Driven Mailing Campaigns

There’s much more to implementing a direct mail campaign than designing and mailing attractive postcards. These campaigns are driven by a significant amount of data, and they produce quite a bit of data as well.

In the wrong hands, this information may be mishandled or misused. That’s why we are absolutely committed to the responsible handling of any identifying information or other sensitive data used in your direct mail campaign.