The Power of Personalized Printing

November 14, 2017

Have you ever received a personalized piece of mail that had your name included in the content? Perhaps you received a piece of mail from a jewelry store and as part of the design, it said “Hi (your name), don’t you want to stand out from the rest?” Did you…

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6 Tips to Improve Response Rates

October 30, 2017

6 Tips to Improve Response Rates The objective of print marketing and direct mail is to generate response, which in turn will hopefully lead to customer retention and loyalty. Often, businesses will spend a lot of money on a print marketing campaign and disregard the key drivers for response, resulting…

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5 Mistakes That Will Sink Your Direct Mail Ship

October 6, 2017

Direct Mail Mistakes Direct mail campaigns are beautiful vessels that will deliver your company to new and prosperous places. Like a ship’s sails capture the wind and propel it through the water, an effective direct mail piece will propel your campaign and bring your business the benefits of successful direct mail efforts.  However,…

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5 Suggestions for Writing Copy

June 20, 2017

5 Tips For Creating Great Copy All the elements on a piece of direct mail must work together to produce a complete and engaging marketing piece that will call for consumers to act. Writing copy for direct mail is a tricky act, as you only have a few seconds to…

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Color Sells

May 23, 2017

Color Sells We’ve discussed the 40/40/20 rule, which is a suggested formula for creating campaign success with 40% of your campaign is the data/mailing list, 40% is the offer, and 20% is the creative. Let’s look at a portion of that 20% creative aspect. If the average consumer spends 2-5…

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A Formula for a Direct Mail Campaign

April 25, 2017

What do a sturdy house, a successful business and a direct mail campaign have in common? A good foundation. Marketers and businesses developing their marketing strategies are trying to reach the same goal: a strong ROI. So, where should you start? Try this simple formula for building a complete direct…

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The Offer: $-Off vs. %-Off

March 22, 2017

“Get 50% off!” “Get $50 off!” Which offer will be most effective? These two statements seem equally attractive because our consumer’s eyes are trained to locate discounts, deals, and offers. We often wait until we find the best deals available. Discount-based promotions have been used to attract customers since the…

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What paper does to communicate about your brand.

February 23, 2017

Take Your Next Project From Good To Epic The tactile feel of the printed piece unlocks our brains (often unconsciously) and taps directly into our thoughts and emotions. We are all living in a hyper-digital world, in which thousands of marketing messages are being hurled at us (sometimes all at…

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4 Key Tips for Success in Direct Mail Marketing

January 13, 2017

Tips For Direct Mail Success In direct mail marketing, success can be measured in a multitude of ways, depending on the purpose of your campaign. The most important element to keep in mind, like with almost any marketing effort, is the human element. The following tips will shine some light…

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Choosing Your Mail Method: Targeted or Saturation?

November 15, 2016

Determining the best “mail method”, or how your direct mail campaign is going to be delivered, is vital to the success of your company’s direct mail efforts. There are two main types of mail methods: targeted and saturation. Understanding the differences between these methods will help you determine which one of these campaign types will…

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Direct Mail Works: The Power of Frequency

August 31, 2016

There are many factors that go into the development and execution of a successful direct mail marketing campaign. The first things that come to mind are the physical, visual elements: type of piece, size of the piece, graphics and design, copy, call-to-action, etc. However, another crucial aspect of a direct…

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How to Take Advantage of Seasonal Marketing

March 14, 2016

Every season has its advantages for marketing to clients. From the start of a new year, to Summer specials, each season offers the chance to get creative with your marketing. September through January is especially a great time to ramp up your marketing efforts. From Back to School to New…

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5 (More!!) Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website

March 9, 2016

5 Things That Make Your Website Great Welcome to the third and final set of our “5 Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website” series! This blog follows up on both our first set of tips as well as our second set of tips that were developed in order to give you an idea of what…

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5 (More) Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website

January 4, 2016

Welcome to the second set of “5 Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website”! This blog follows up on our first set of tips that seek to give you a little insight into what makes an effective company website. Following these pointers will ensure that your site connects with visitors and drives…

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5 Pointers for Creating a Great Business Website

December 16, 2015

Ideas to Make Your Website Great In this ever-advancing digital age, having a professional website for your business is essentially a must-have. The capability for both potential and existing clients to interact with your company on the web is an invaluable resource that, when done properly, is irreplaceable. Kessler Creative’s capabilities…

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