4 Tips for Using Deadlines to Increase Consumer Response

June 7, 2018

Have you ever received a mail piece that gave you no reason to act immediately? Where did that mail piece end up? Without a sense of urgency or a deadline, your consumers virtually have no reason to act on your offer, leaving your response rates in the trash can with…

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Informed Delivery Expands the Reach of Direct Marketing

May 25, 2018

Continuing the conversation to help our clients and colleagues gain insight into the benefits of the USPS Informed Delivery program, let’s look into how direct marketers can use the program to add touch points, increase impressions and digitize direct mail campaigns. From our last post, we learned Informed Delivery provides eligible residential…

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Informed Delivery – Something New

May 24, 2018

Have you ever you ever wished there was a camera in your mail box? It’s here! And yes, there’s an app for that… Just when you thought Facebook, Instagram and Snap-Chat are surely the prime candidates for the most pictures taken and posted online daily; not even close. In fact,…

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USPS Honors Kessler Creative at NPF

May 16, 2018

The United States Postal Service recently honored Kessler Creative at the National Postal Forum, held in San Antonio, Texas May 6-9, 2018. As one of fourteen award winners nationwide for innovation and industry best practices, the Mailing Innovation and Digital Award recognizes companies which have disrupted the mailing landscape and created innovative…

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Creating Consistency in an Omni-Channel Marketing Campaign

May 14, 2018

Marketers recognize the importance of creating a seamless experience for their customers – an experience that allows customers to “jump” from platform to platform and receive the same information while continuing the sales process. The company must present themselves in a trustworthy manner, so the customer knows they are buying…

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The Tangible Benefits of Direct Mail

April 9, 2018

The Tangible Benefits of Direct Mail In this highly digital world, direct mail remains one of the few tangible marketing channels. Due to its physical nature, it has the power to stand out from other marketing channels. Utilize direct mail to its fullest capacity by consulting one of our direct…

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Features vs. Benefits

March 20, 2018

Crafting “the sell” is a vital part of designing your direct mail piece. A common tendency when designing the mail piece is to sell the features of the product or service. While this is an informative way to promote a product or service, the features generally do not strike an…

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The Value Propositions of Direct Mail

February 14, 2018

Direct mail is far from out of style! Creative designs and innovative technological engagement efforts have set direct mail as a powerful and response-driven strategy. Direct mail can generate response and deliver a higher ROI with a detailed plan and measurable goals in place. Let’s take a quick look at…

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A Seamless Marketing Campaign

January 11, 2018

Creating a seamless experience in this highly-distracted world is very important direction for any marketing campaign. Consumers are accustomed to using multiple channels to garner the information they need, and they want to be able to jump between different channels to continue their experience. Marketers have found that print and…

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Design: The Difference Between Campaign Success and Failure

December 11, 2017

  Good design matters in business branding. What would McDonald’s be without its golden arches? What would Target be without its signature and simple red target? One of the most crucial parts of your marketing strategy is a cohesive brand that customers instantly recognize by your signage, direct mail, and…

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Crafting the Offer

November 30, 2017

40% of a successful direct mail campaign is “The Offer.” As you’re generating your perfect mailing list, craft an offer that your audience simply cannot refuse. A well-crafted offer can truly make a campaign. Here are some questions to ask yourself when crafting the offer. What’s the plan? Before you…

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The Marriage of Mail and Mobile

November 18, 2017

Marketers and mailers are consistently on the pursuit to find unique and creative ways to drive business. This effort includes a compelling design, interesting shapes or samples. In this highly digital world, mailers have found an innovative way to make a printed piece interact with technology whilst remaining in the…

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The Power of Personalized Printing

November 14, 2017

Have you ever received a personalized piece of mail that had your name included in the content? Perhaps you received a piece of mail from a jewelry store and as part of the design, it said “Hi (your name), don’t you want to stand out from the rest?” Did you…

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6 Tips to Improve Response Rates

October 30, 2017

6 Tips to Improve Response Rates The objective of print marketing and direct mail is to generate response, which in turn will hopefully lead to customer retention and loyalty. Often, businesses will spend a lot of money on a print marketing campaign and disregard the key drivers for response, resulting…

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5 Mistakes That Will Sink Your Direct Mail Ship

October 6, 2017

Direct mail campaigns are beautiful vessels that will deliver your company to new and prosperous places. Like a ship’s sails capture the wind and propel it through the water, an effective direct mail piece will propel your campaign and bring your business the benefits of successful direct mail efforts.  However, making these five…

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