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How Leveraging Data Improves Your Marketing

July 28, 2022

Marketing has taken a fundamental turn since big data came to the forefront of decision-makers’ minds over the years. Successful marketers have now strayed away from gut feelings and experience while turning to their data when thinking about marketing strategy. Marketing managers today must fully understand their target audiences’ needs…

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Does Direct Mail Still Work in a Digital World?

July 21, 2022

As you’re crafting your next marketing campaign, you’ll likely consider plenty of avenues to connect with your desired audience such as email, social media, website, and other digital content. However, with so much digital clutter, you might ask yourself, “is my message standing out from the mass amounts of ads…

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A Client-Centric Approach: An Interview with Kat Jones

July 12, 2022

Kat Jones Interview Capturing clients’ long-term interest in your brand is a challenge in our ultra-competitive world, where brand loyalty is hard to come by. Building the steady, trustworthy relationships with clients necessary for business growth goes beyond selling the initial experience of a product or service. This is where…

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Why Color Matters: Color Psychology

July 7, 2022

If you have ever felt a sense of rejuvenation after walking into an orange room, a feeling of calm when glancing at a blue piece of art, or a notion of relaxation when looking at greenery, you are not imagining it. It is the subconscious work of how various colors…

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Tips For Making Direct Mail Stand Out

June 28, 2022

Consumers are busier today than yesterday and busier tomorrow than today. From the moment their morning alarm wakes them, clients are already scrolling through notifications, emails, and texts. They have barely been awake for a few minutes before dozens of ads have hit their screens. This does not even include…

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Using Direct Mail to Reach Voters

June 16, 2022

Political campaigns are among the toughest marketing strategies to construct. Not only are you working to persuade voters that what you stand for and what you plan to do is more enticing than your opponents, but you also must find a connection with the right individuals while building trust that…

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The Brain Behind the Brawn: An Interview with Operations Manager Dee Emery

June 6, 2022

Managing operations at any business is a task only the right-minded individual can truly be successful at. Operations Managers are given rigorous tasks with the expectation that procedures and end products will exceed quality standards while maintaining and beating deadlines. Processes must be kept effective and efficient, and innovation is…

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Conquering the World of Digital Oversaturation

May 18, 2022

When the World Wide Web released in the 1990’s, the entire world and how its businesses operated significantly changed. The internet created new industries and revolutionized existing ones. This new digital realm brought an endless new audience to the fingertips of business and leisure, and these businesses knew that they…

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Putting Security First in a Data Driven World

May 9, 2022

What We are Discussing Any business that has a digital footprint is likely to deal with consumer data at some level which involves personal information. This consumer data can take many forms, each having different methods for handling and securing. While large corporations have an abundance of resources to deal…

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How to Elevate Your Print Marketing with Personalization

April 1, 2022

In a world driven by the digital realm, print marketing has proven to remain as one of the most effective ways to connect with target audiences. 82% of customers trust print ads the most when making purchase decisions according to FinanceOnline. One question you might be asking yourself is how…

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IP Targeting: The Internet’s Direct Mail

March 28, 2022

What is IP Targeting? IP targeting is a high-tech, smart digital marketing tool for delivering virtual content that is a great way to enhance your direct marketing campaign with Kessler Creative. It works by using IP addresses, which are found across every wi-fi network, to differentiate and filter for a…

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A Letter to Our Clients: Happy International Client’s Day

March 18, 2022

Kessler Creative has been providing direct marketing services to businesses nationwide for over 15 years, all the while building lasting relationships with clients who we consider family. This International Client’s Day, we’d like to let you know how much your business truly means to us. To put it simply, Kessler…

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#Breakthebias, a Kessler Story

March 11, 2022

At Kessler Creative, we are committed to promoting inclusion in the workplace and advocating for women’s rights. While one day is not enough to celebrate women and their achievements, we observe International Women’s Day each year to remind ourselves of how far women have come, and what else needs to…

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Dedicated to the Data: An Interview

February 18, 2022

Today’s world is data driven. It is very difficult if not impossible to make meaningful decisions and enjoy quality results if data containing various precarious details about daily operations isn’t managed properly. Direct mail requires tedious data sorting and tracking to ensure a finished products arrives on time, to the…

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Direct Mail: The Love Letter of Marketing

February 16, 2022

In today’s ever-expanding digital age, businesses are having to adapt quickly to keep up with current trends and practices for marketing to their consumer audiences. While the influx of digital ads, social media, and e-blasts have been significant, direct-mail is still a large player. You might be asking yourself; how…

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