How to Elevate Your Print Marketing with Personalization

April 1, 2022

In a world driven by the digital realm, print marketing has proven to remain as one of the most effective ways to connect with target audiences. 82% of customers trust print ads the most when making purchase decisions according to FinanceOnline. One question you might be asking yourself is how…

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IP Targeting: The Internet’s Direct Mail

March 28, 2022

What is IP Targeting? IP targeting is a high-tech, smart digital marketing tool for delivering virtual content that is a great way to enhance your direct marketing campaign with Kessler Creative. It works by using IP addresses, which are found across every wi-fi network, to differentiate and filter for a…

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A Letter to Our Clients: Happy International Client’s Day

March 18, 2022

Kessler Creative has been providing direct marketing services to businesses nationwide for over 15 years, all the while building lasting relationships with clients who we consider family. This International Client’s Day, we’d like to let you know how much your business truly means to us. To put it simply, Kessler…

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#Breakthebias, a Kessler Story

March 11, 2022

At Kessler Creative, we are committed to promoting inclusion in the workplace and advocating for women’s rights. While one day is not enough to celebrate women and their achievements, we observe International Women’s Day each year to remind ourselves of how far women have come, and what else needs to…

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Dedicated to the Data: An Interview

February 18, 2022

Today’s world is data driven. It is very difficult if not impossible to make meaningful decisions and enjoy quality results if data containing various precarious details about daily operations isn’t managed properly. Direct mail requires tedious data sorting and tracking to ensure a finished products arrives on time, to the…

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Direct Mail: The Love Letter of Marketing

February 16, 2022

In today’s ever-expanding digital age, businesses are having to adapt quickly to keep up with current trends and practices for marketing to their consumer audiences. While the influx of digital ads, social media, and e-blasts have been significant, direct-mail is still a large player. You might be asking yourself; how…

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Direct Mail and Politics

January 24, 2022

Get Your Message to Voters Political Mail is an easy way to promote candidates and get messages to voters. Flyers, brochures, letters, and postcards are cost-effective, memorable ways to send political direct mail to your target audience. If recent elections have taught us anything, it’s that the political environment is…

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Reach Your Audience with a Targeted Direct Mailing List

January 21, 2022

The mailing list is one of the most important aspects of any direct mail campaign. Get your message in front of the right audience, and you’ve won half the battle. Send your message to the wrong people, and your campaign can take a turn for the worst. Targeted mailing lists…

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Being Thankful in the Workplace

November 24, 2021

With the Thanksgiving holiday fast approaching, now is the time to recognize all that we are thankful for. Being thankful, however, is not only important during this festive season, but also plays a powerful role in the workplace! While showing gratitude in the workplace has been proven to boost individual…

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Paper Prices Continue to Rise

November 4, 2021

The pandemic has caused dramatic shifts in operating patterns within the paper industry. This has produced fluctuations in pulp and paper supply/demand, and recurring price increases. While manufacturers and distributors have absorbed some of this increase, prices for paper products that use pulp have risen 7 to 15 percent across…

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Kickstart Your Holiday Marketing

October 27, 2021

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time for marketers to begin brainstorming new ways to stand out from the competition. In today’s ever-changing environment, it’s important to begin planning for the holidays well in advance. You may think it’s too soon to launch your holiday marketing strategy and…

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Selling the Experience: An Interview

October 25, 2021

Within a company, the sales department plays a crucial role in the success of the business. Their unique role is to bridge the gap between the prospect’s needs and the products/services that fulfill those needs. Excellent salespeople not only generate the sales, but they also leave a long-lasting impact on…

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Why Choose the Right Paper?

September 27, 2021

When creating a direct mail piece, choosing the right paper can make or break your campaign. Paper options are virtually endless! Paper weight, color, and finish only scratch the surface of what’s possible. Paper stocks have nearly any characteristic you can imagine. Ultimately, whatever paper you choose for the job…

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Perfecting the Call to Action

September 24, 2021

Learn More. Click Here. Add To Cart. How do these phrases make you feel? Do they make you want to click on a button or link? If you answered yes, they are doing their job effectively! With the right message, these phrases urge you to take action — whether that’s…

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Intelligent Mail Barcode

Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMb) – What Are They and Why Are They Important?

July 29, 2021

You’ve already seen Intelligent Mail barcodes. Whether you work in the printing and mailing industry, or simply receive mail at home, an Intelligent Mail barcode has passed through your hands. To many people, these codes may just look like a series of black lines. But what do they really consist…

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