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Method behind the Madness: An Interview with Kim Collier

Since joining Kessler Creative in 2014, Kim Collier has gained extensive knowledge of the mailing industry. Aside from supervising the creative department, Kim assists with the overall workflow in the production room and gives regular feedback on how to improve processes while ensuring the quality of work. Kim’s background and her diverse experience in the industry have allowed her to become a successful and respected leader at Kessler Creative. Her focus is on producing quality work and she ensures her team is always on track with deadlines.

Meet Kim Collier, our Art Director. Through her leadership and dedication, Kessler Creative has remained at the top of its industry.

KC: How did you get started at Kessler Creative?

“I had a friend who worked in the design department back in 2014 and I was looking for a career shift, so he suggested I apply here. I came onboard as a graphic designer, helping with press prepress and full design jobs. After 4 or 5 years, I moved into the assistant art director position and now I’m here!”

KC: What does a normal day at KC look like for you?

“My day to day here is not what you would expect as a creative director. While I do have that ability to manage the creative team, I help all facets of the company. From right here in marketing to customer service all the way out to the production floor. I help jobs get out quickly and efficiently.

KC: What kind of problems do you help solve in the office? 

“My main concern is figuring out the best way to get the jobs the clients give us completed quickly and efficiently. We’re not just letters and postcards into a mail slot, we’re a full-service mail marketing company. There are so many ways that you can produce results and part of my job is to better articulate that to the team.

KC: What are things you enjoy doing outside of work?

“If I am not at work, I enjoy lying on my couch and watching Netflix specials about history. However, I also enjoy going outside in my free time, as well as painting.”

KC: What do you enjoy most about working for Kessler Creative?

I think I’ve enjoyed the journey as a whole. Starting at the very bottom, there was so much room for growth and opportunity within the company and I love that, seeing where I started and where I am now. Along the way, I’ve come to know so many of our lasting clients and making them happy and some of them requesting my design work makes me feel accomplished as a designer but also knowing that I’ve been able to bring that to the table for Kessler is rewarding in itself. There’s always something new and different going on every day. You’re never bored!

KC: What is the most challenging part of your job?

“I think the biggest challenge is keeping calm when dealing with stressful situations. It is always imperative to remain positive and maintain composure, even when it feels impossible to do so. We try to keep it happy and light here.”

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