Maximizing Direct Mail ROI: DIY or Use a Mailing Company?

Can employing the services of a mailing company actually improve your direct mail campaign’s return on investment (ROI)? Small businesses often try to take on the task of creating their own direct mail in an effort to save themselves the cost of using a mailing company. Trying to do this on your own ends up costing your business something that is essentially the same as money – time.

SJ8_1986editedWhile effective marketing is certainly crucial to a company’s success, trying to do it all yourself can be detrimental to your business as a whole. Employing a mailing company to handle your direct mail campaigns allows you to focus on building your business instead of spending both time and money developing a suboptimal direct mail effort on your own.

Mailing companies are experts of direct mail.

Direct mail is what they do. They don’t need to spend time learning the ins and outs of direct mail like a small business owner would because that IS their business. Direct mail companies have professional designers that specialize in creating direct mail pieces such as brochures and postcards. Their extensive knowledge and experience allows them to create pieces for your marketing campaigns that are of much higher quality but still tailored to your specific needs. This factor, along with the ability to create what you need at a faster rate, will serve to maximize your return on investment.

They know how to save you actual money, not just time.

SJ8_2086While mailing companies can create a mailing campaign much quicker than a small business could internally, that’s not the only way they save you money. Being experts, they ensure that you are paying the lowest postage rate by taking into account factors such as the preparation of your mailing, the size of your mailing piece, as well as your mailing list’s scope. Their ability to keep an eye on all these factors leads to a higher ROI for you.

Targeting of messages and mailing list development is their strong suit.

A direct mail campaign will fall flat, no matter how great it looks, if it is sent to the wrong market of people. A mailing company’s expertise will help you formulate a mailing list that will increase returns by targeting the people that are very likely to convert from viewers to actual clients instead of delivering your campaign to deaf ears.

Mailing companies can enable phone call tracking.

Phone call tracking gives you the ability to collect more information about your direct mail campaigns’ phone responses which will help you calculate ROI correctly. This data is useful in that it can also help you determine methods to increase conversions. Increased conversions equates to more revenue which leads to the all-important higher return on investment!


The specialized strengths of a mailing company such as Kessler Creative are invaluable in furthering the success of your business. Kessler Creative is the definitive one-stop shop for all of your direct mail marketing needs. Call us at 1.888.416.4098 or visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us today!

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