Direct mail can be a powerful tool for acquiring new students when done following best practices. The four main principles of direct mail best practices are:

1. Your List

The mailing list accounts for approximately 40% of the success of direct mail. Your mailing list should include the following:

Highly targeted, rented list with the following criteria:

  • Household income of $125K and higher
  • Presence of children between the ages of 6 and 17
  • Within a 10-15 minute drive to your center


Whether they’ve expressed interest a year ago or a day ago, leads are your best prospects. It is recommended to keep your list of leads organized and ready to include in future mailings.


Be sure to include yourself on the list to verify that postcards have been sent and received.

2. Your offer

Always include an offer, with a deadline, to incentivize your direct mail recipients to take action. Couple your offer with a “call to action” that tells them how exactly to contact you.

For example, an offer could be:“Try us FREE! Call today and schedule a free one-hour tutoring session for your child!”

3. Your Schedule

The most frequent and expensive mistake small businesses make is mailing only once to their list. We recommend at least three consecutive monthly mailings to the same list of people in order to effectively move prospects to take action. Through A-B testing, marketers have proven that multiple mailings to a smaller list deliver much higher returns than one mailing to a larger list.

4. The Creative

Mathnasium HQ provides direct mail creative that captures attention, explains our services, and gives compelling offers and clear calls to action. We recommend the use of this creative and strongly discourage the creation of new materials by franchisees.

(Information taken from “Marketing the Mathnasium Way”)