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Marketing in Finance and Accounting

We are fresh into 2023, which means tax season is fast approaching, and all the financial planning and accounting that comes with it. Now makes for the perfect time to enhance your direct marketing strategy if you are in one of these industries to gain more clients for the season.

What to Prioritize

  • Utilizing Variable Data
  • Including a Discount
  • Big Data

Variable Data

Variable data printing can personalize each individual postcard sent out, depending on your goal for the campaign. Consider using variable data printing to include recipients’ names on direct mail pieces. This adds a personal touch to your marketing efforts and has a larger impact on potential customers. In a mailbox filled with bills and ads, it’s important to make your mail piece stand out.

Include a discount

People are flooded with information in today’s world. So, how do you cut through the noise and get your message across effectively? A discount might be the perfect way to stand out amongst the competition. Do a little research and see what others are offering, and then take it a step further.

Big Data

Data is what drives business decisions in the modern world. It’s everywhere, and accessing it is easier than ever with so much data available. Whether collecting first-party data or using a third-party provider, targeting the appropriate audience is possible with data. Data allows you to see what is working and gives you insights into the behavior of both current and prospective clients. If you want to stand out, use data to your advantage.