Low Cost – High Impact Small Business Marketing

When it comes to making a strong impact, postcard marketing remains one of the most reliable and versatile ways to advertise your business’s products or services.

Cost vs. Results

Looking at the field of marketing channels available for today’s small businesses, postcards can be a hidden gem when it comes to a cost vs. results proposition. Most successful businesses whether retail, service-oriented or startup are quick to utilize postcards based on the economic value and benefits they can deliver. This, however, is not the only advantage of using postcards. Looking deeper, let’s investigate some additional benefits of this tried and true marketing standard.

From the advertiser’s standpoint postcard campaigns, these days, don’t bring the added complications of production, printing, stamping, sorting or the time associated with all these tasks. By using a professional direct mailer like Kessler Creative, with just a phone call and a couple of emails, your message and information can quickly be transformed into graphically appealing, tangible mailpieces, mailed to your prospects, who can physically hold, reference and save until they’re ready to act.

Using a postcard specialist, advertisers can also take advantage of specialty postage rates available for pre-sorting and formatting your mail, which in turn provides a relatively high-number of targeted prospect pieces which can be sent for you at a low price.

Building Your Brand

When you have a specific audience in mind, specialized versions of a postcard can easily be sent to various groups. This gives the advertiser an ability to tailor a message which can speak to different audiences in numerous ways. With the advantage of variable data capabilities, one single promotion can be customized to identify and fit the wants and desires of specific kinds of customers. This added sense of personalization can go a long way in terms of making an impression and selling your brand.

Regarding branding opportunities, once you’ve decided on the design of your postcard mailer, use the design as a fixed template going forward. By doing so, prospects on your mailing list can anticipate or even look forward to furthering communications and updates from your business.

Marketing a small business today can be tough in a crowded market. When it’s time to feature new products and services, it’s likely you’ll want to avoid having rival companies find out about your tactics and marketing approaches. Through postcard marketing, you can ensure that your strategies and offers will reach only the customers and prospects on your mailing list avoiding the poachers.

Postcards in a digital world.

Postcards can be a fantastic resource for generating website traffic when including a short URL within the content display meant to direct the receiver to your website. There are many free URL shorteners available today like Hootsuite, Bitly and TinyURL, which will allow you to customize your shortened URL. As an additional benefit, you can monitor just how effective your postcards are by including a unique landing page or tracking code within your original link and tracking the visit response rate.

Another opportunity for crossing into digital channels is using Informed Delivery From the USPS.

Informed Delivery which provides eligible U.S. Postal customers with a digital preview of their household’s incoming mail scheduled to arrive soon. Users can view greyscale images of the exterior, address side of incoming letter-sized mail pieces and track their packages in one convenient location via email, mobile app or an online dashboard.

In addition to the value and convenience Informed Delivery brings to postal customers, postcard advertisers can digitize their campaigns to drive web traffic. Rather than waiting for the physical postcards to show up in the mail, your prospects can view a full-color, digital representative image which replaces the usual grayscale image within the Informed Delivery platform. Advertisers may also provide an interactive digital “ride-along” and with the mail piece’s digital preview which will drive prospects directly to your website. All this before your physical postcards are even delivered.

Kessler Creative also offers a service called Digital Direct Mail. DDM is an exciting patent-pending technology which enables Kessler’s direct mail advertisers to reach their target audiences with digital ads for pennies on the dollar with surgical precision. When combined with a traditional direct mail campaign, DDM perceptibly bolsters consumer response rates, in some cases, up to 6X higher than the average. Advertisers choose the day and time we deliver DDM ads to their lists and you control the number of ad impressions per household, and you manage costs easily as this program is based on a cost-per-impression.

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