Is Your Current Mailing Company Hurting Your Campaign?


Are you getting the sense that your direct mail campaign isn’t having the effect you hoped? Getting the feeling that your mailing company is the reason for this? Here are a few different indicators that making the switch to a new mailing company is the cure your ailing campaign has been looking for.

Campaign results haven’t ever lived up to expectation.

Hopes were high when you initially set up your campaign with your current mailing company. They gave you a reasonable price for what you expected would be a successful direct mail effort that would be beneficial for your business. However, that benefit never actually surfaced. Your mailing company told you to be patient and to “give it time”, but you’re tired of waiting on a campaign they promised would deliver long ago.

They don’t listen.

You are constantly having to ask your current mailing company questions about your mailing campaign more than once. Getting information from them feels like pulling teeth at this point. They fail to show you examples of their work when you inquire about new ideas. When you try to make changes to your mailing campaign, they offer you services you don’t want or need. Finding a mailing company that makes it a priority to stay attuned to your needs makes it easy to work with them to create and periodically alter, if necessary, a direct mail campaign that is effective. Professional mailing companies like this won’t try and push services on you that you don’t need and will always be open to your input.

Results came out of the gate strong, but have noticeably faltered.

You were excited at the start of your campaign. Your current mailing company was sending out an attractive mailer that generated a response you were content with. Things were going as planned, but, somewhere along the road, your results began declining below what was acceptable. Your mailing company wasn’t vigilant in creating or updating new mailing pieces for your campaign. Perhaps they didn’t make an effort to help you change up your mailing list to target different markets or areas. Regardless of the exact reason, you’ve noticed a drop in quality and are looking for a fresh start with a mailing company that will go above and beyond.

You don’t feel valued as a customer.

When you are paying for a service being provided to your business, you should always expect to feel respected and appreciated. Does your mailing company seem to lack this basic but essential knowledge? Have they forgotten the details of your campaign when you contact them? Does it take them an unnerving amount of time to get back to you over phone or email? Signs like these are indications that switching to a new, more customer-oriented mailing company is in your best interest.

The mailing list they’ve created for you feels subpar.

mapYou should never feel this way! One of the main priorities of a mailing company is to help you create a mailing list that provides accurate and up-to-date targeting for your campaigns.  A mailing company that is delivering your direct mail to the wrong people is just a waste of both your time and money.

Mailing release schedules aren’t reliable.

Being able to deliver your campaign on a calculated schedule should be something all effective mailing companies provide. The success of your direct mail efforts hinges on delivering your message at the appropriate time, especially if promotional announcements are involved. If the timing is off, receivers of your direct mail campaign will be late in being informed of promotions that are time-sensitive and your efforts will have been in vain.


If you are noticing one or many of these unfortunate experiences with your current mailing company, it’s time to make a change! Kessler Creative is the definitive one-stop shop for all of your direct mail marketing needs and we always focus on quality and customer service. Call us at 1.888.416.4098 or visit our Contact Page to get in touch with us today!

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