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IP Targeting: The Internet’s Direct Mail

What is IP Targeting?

IP targeting is a high-tech, smart digital marketing tool for delivering virtual content that is a great way to enhance your direct marketing campaign with Kessler Creative. It works by using IP addresses, which are found across every wi-fi network, to differentiate and filter for a more accurate desired target demographic. Targeting IP addresses allows for hyper-focused delivery of online ads that have the same targeting ability as direct mail. Using a mailing list, Kessler Creative can deploy these digital ads to specific IP addresses along with a strategically timed direct mail piece further enhancing and personalizing your message. IP targeting helps eliminate wasted impressions!

How is it Used?

So, what does IP targeting look like in a real-world scenario? A simple example would be if someone wanted to advertise their newly opened gym in the city of Jacksonville, Florida to specific areas of the city. That business owner would not want to target everyone in Jacksonville or all surrounding areas as this would waste substantial marketing dollars. Instead, the business owner could use IP targeting, in addition to direct mail, to market digital ads to specific households within driving range and to those that are likely fitness junkies. One of the main benefits of utilizing IP targeting for marketing is that the ads you place will be seen and re-seen by consumers throughout their daily routine. This creates higher engagement which reinforces your marketing campaign and conversions. Since IP addresses can’t be blocked or deleted, targeting them allows a business to connect with specific individuals or entire households and businesses every time they go online and visit websites that display ads.

How IP Targeting Lifts ROI on Direct Mail

What if we told you that using IP targeting in association with direct mail could lift conversions by as much as 200% compared to using direct mail alone? Well, it’s true, and here’s how this one-two marketing punch achieves such a feat. Direct mail is just one piece, and while this method of marketing has always shown to be effective, it only reaches the consumer once until additional mailers are sent. With IP Targeting, the end-consumer will see your message two, three, or four times prior to and after the initial mailer is sent. This reinforces your brand message in the minds of consumers, and they take notice to these additional ads. IP targeting and direct mail are the prized dynamic-duo in the world of direct marketing!

Who Can You Target?

The short answer to this question is you can target anyone with IP Targeting! The possibilities and level of precision available with today’s technology, especially at Kessler Creative, create seemingly limitless capability and reach for marketing campaigns of this type. As stated in the gym owner example above, IP targeting is excellent at narrowing down who the desired target market is and separating them from the masses. This amounts to zero-waste delivery of marketing materials to consumers who want to see them.

Why Your Business Needs IP Targeting

In today’s live and connected world, IP targeting works exceptionally well. The main benefits of having IP targeting as part of your strategy are the specificity, frequency, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness this type of targeting produces. IP targeting allows ads to be sent directly to consumers multiple times within a specific area and with specific attributes while leaving those without these characteristics off the list. This helps tremendously in terms of saving money and maximizing return on investment of your direct marketing campaign. It is more than likely that your next marketing initiative can be and should be tied to a certain subset of IP addresses that will lead to more consumers seeing ads that want to and are interested in seeing them. In doing so, you will get a more effective targeted campaign and higher ROI!

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