How to Take Advantage of Seasonal Marketing

Every season has its advantages for marketing to clients. From the start of a new year, to Summer specials, each season offers the chance to get creative with your marketing. September through January is especially a great time to ramp up your marketing efforts. From Back to School to New Years, there are several holidays that your business should take advantage of because marketing that is in tune with the time-based interests and needs of clients is extremely effective.


The Time to Plan is NOW! 

Even though some of these holidays are still months away, the time to start thinking about your seasonal marketing plan is now. The best way to get started in planning your seasonal marketing is to create a reverse timeline. Work backwards from the date that you want to start your first campaign and that will help you get printed materials in full gear with plenty of time to spare for mailing. Give yourself some flexibility. Your staffing needs may also require careful planning. Therefore, budget accordingly.

Ways You Can Take Advantage of the Upcoming Season.

1.  Choose your Holiday. If you are on a tight budget, start be determining which holiday is going to be the most effective for your business. If you are a retail store, maybe the day after Thanksgiving is a profitable day for you. Send out a direct mail or email campaign advertising your sale. Maybe you own a gym and the best time to advertise to your market is right after Christmas when people are ready to shed the holiday pounds. Think about what your business has to offer and come up with a creative way that you can take advantage of a certain holiday.

2.  Social Media. Utilize e-marketing campaigns and social media to make your marketing efforts fun and interactive, as well as drive you brand and deepen customer relationship. Include holiday themes on your Facebook/Twitter photos. Try games and coupon offers on your social media to build your followers. Be sure to advertise on social media any offers and promotions you have going on as well as offer deals or events exclusively to your social media fans to help drive foot traffic and generate leads.

3.  Use deadlines as a motivator.  Clearly state deadlines on all emails, direct mail campaigns, and on your website. Use this as an incentive for customers to take action quickly.

4.  Charity. Remind your customers about the causes you are passionate about because during the holidays, people are generally more compassionate and in the spirit of giving. Maybe your company has a specific charity you give to on a regular basis – one idea is to offer a small amount of each sale to go directly to your charity.  People like to spend money with businesses that value the same things they do. 

5. Offer a free gift with purchase.  Everyone loves a free gift, especially this time of year. Including a small gift or a coupon for a future discount will reinforce that you appreciate their business and help spread good tidings and cheer.

6. Reward the Faithful Client.  They say it’s less expensive to keep a customer than to recruit a new one. A great way to generate easy sales is to reward your faithful clients for the holiday season. Special offers, free shipping, a “VIP Customer Only Sale” are just a few ideas. Email is a great way to reach out to your client base and let them know you appreciate them this season.

7. When all else fails, GIFT CARDS! Easy to sell, easy to deliver, and you get the money up front.  Be sure to include a rack card or flyer with your gift card in a special envelope, wishing “Happy Holidays” and inviting the recipient to your store for great post holiday sales.

If you find yourself in a last minute jam for your seasonal marketing call one of our Marketing Specialist today at 800-394-9393. We have a fast turn-around time for all you last minute marketers out there.