How to Make Your Business Stand Out

When sending out a direct mail campaign, how can you be sure that your business will catch the attention of the person receiving your mail? How can you stand out among other companies that are similar to yours?

Start by focusing on what makes you different!

Make your business stand out above the rest by distinguishing what makes you different from other similar companies. Highlight on your mail piece a unique service or product that other companies do not offer. If you want to offer a discount, offer something that your competitors have not thought of. Set your business apart! If you are not sure how your company can stand out among many others, start by asking yourself these questions:

What makes my company different?

If you have a pizza shop, what makes your pizza shop different from all of the others? Maybe you have live music on the weekends, drink specials, kids eat free night? Pay attention to what your competitors are doing and do something better!

Why would someone want to do business with me rather than with my competitor? 

There is a lot of competition out there but that shouldn’t make you nervous. There is always a way to stand out and improve over similar businesses. Look at your competitor and think of the reasons why someone would choose your business over theirs. Maybe you offer better customer service, a lower price, a higher quality product. Whatever it is, make sure you highlight that on your mail piece and let people know!

Who are my customers and what do I know about them?

Knowing details about your client base is crucial. The sooner you know your client base the sooner you can create a campaign that will stand out to them. Think about where your customers will be coming from. Are they from the neighborhood? Are your clients nation-wide? Male? Female? Families? Are they young or old?  Knowing this information can help you narrow in on who to market to.

What do my customers want or need? 

Look at your product or service and determine who needs it. Are you a clothing boutique? Market to women who live close by.  Do you provide consulting services? Market to small businesses. Think about who your product would be the most beneficial to.

Help your business to stand out by paying careful attention to what your competitors are doing and offering more to your clients. Spend some extra time thinking about the people you are reaching and how you can make their life easier and more enjoyable. Understanding what your client really wants improves the experience for the client and a better experience means a greater likelihood of your business standing out among the rest.