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How to Elevate Your Print Marketing with Personalization

In a world driven by the digital realm, print marketing has proven to remain as one of the most effective ways to connect with target audiences. 82% of customers trust print ads the most when making purchase decisions according to FinanceOnline. One question you might be asking yourself is how can I take advantage and even enhance my print marketing for better ROI? The short answer is personalization. Personalizing your print marketing with Kessler Creative offers a tailored experience to consumers, but there are multiple routes that can be taken when personalizing print materials. From variable data printing, QR codes, special finishes, and more, Kessler allows print marketing the potential to become integrated with other marketing channels and personalized to your target market’s desires.

Why Does Personalization Matter?

According to an Accenture survey, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands who recognize, remember, and provide them with relevant offers and recommendations. Personalization is expected today. Consumers lean towards brands they feel are most connected with their core values as people. The brands that listen, understand, and know the wants and needs of their customers separate themselves from the bunches. Have you ever received a piece of mail that just said, “Dear Current Resident?” What did you do next? If you stopped paying attention, you’re not alone. Personalizing marketing materials shows your target audience that you truly care about them. Simply adding a name creates a connection between the consumer and the print piece that can go a long way for increasing conversions. The good news for your business is that personalizing comes in many forms, all requiring minimal effort that will lead to maximized results from your campaign.

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing uses data you have collected through your CRM database to customize each print piece to a specific consumer. This method goes further by utilizing all information on a specific consumer, not just their name. Offers, promotions, images, and layout can be personalized to individual consumers which helps to cut out waste and unnecessary marketing materials. This method of personalization has shown the ability to grow response rates 3-10 times higher than static direct mail according to NextPage.

QR Codes

QR codes give any print piece the added feature of quickly linking consumers to your company webpage, social media, or specific landing page by simply scanning the code on their mobile phone or device. This immediately adds a digital component to your print marketing that can be leveraged for a more personalized experience. The ability of QR codes today is near limitless and works well with engaging consumers. You also can track leads created from a QR code, so you know what campaigns consumers are engaging with.

Special Finishes

One of the main reasons print is appealing for marketing is how it engages both visual and tactile senses. The emotional response generated by activating both these senses builds a stronger relationship between you and your audience than a digital ad alone. A few finishes that could help personalize print even further include Spot UV, Foiling, Embossing, Debossing, and Laminating.

Spot UV works by creating a shiny coating that makes the print piece stick out in the mail, drawing eyes to important points.

Foiling has a similar effect by applying a thin, reflective film of foil to promote a specific area of the print piece.

Embossing lifts the design off the face of the paper which creates a unique and engaging feel for print pieces. People like to move their fingers around an embossed print!

Debossing works in opposite fashion as embossing. This finish depresses design and text into printed pieces for a unique finish.

Laminating applies a clear lamination that helps to protect a print piece while appearing more professional. There are options beyond a simple lamination process that reflect light differently for a more unique experience.